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Qatar Places Directory - Qatar Spots

By Obaidul Haque

Qatar provides so much to explore - locations to see, activities, entertainment, shopping and dining. It's also a popular destination for doing business not only for the people of the Middle East but also for people from all across the world. However, there's a complete lack of top quality online site when it comes to gathering unbiased and authentic information about the key places located across the length and breadth of Qatar.

Welcome to the Qatar directory places (Qatar spots).

Qatar directory places (Qatar spots) does an excellent job of bringing all the important locations in Qatar on to your fingertips. In fact, this newly launched website is the first online map directory of Qatar on the web.

"Our main goal is to gather all the places in Qatar in one place so that people from across this Arab state and outside can quickly find information they are looking for and use it to fulfill their different purposes", says Faissal Alhaithami, the founder and CEO of

Whether you are a tourist, a shopping freak, a cultural enthusiast, a businessman or a student, you can use Qatar Spots to discover the places of your interest within minutes. It is only due to the top quality service that this online directory has attracted the attention of both print and electronic media over a short span of time. For each place or spot that you locate via this directory, you are served with an introduction, online map, full address (telephone, email and website), and the opening hours. In addition, the online directory also features ratings and reviews to help you make a well-informed decision.

Presently launched in beta, Qatar Spots features several categories on its homepage including arts and entertainment, companies, education, electronics, food, medical, shopping, sports and transportations. The search box at the top allows you to find places of your interest quickly. You can also refine or filter your search by choosing specific locations or categories and searching with your keyword. Registering is free for all businesses as well.

An online directory like was eagerly awaited for a long time. Thanks to Faissal Alhaithami (the founder) and Naif Abdullah (the co-founder) who felt this strong need and came up with this extremely useful project for the common benefits of the people of the Middle East and outside.

Qatar directory places (Qatar spots) is not just an online directory. In fact, it is a complete information system that people from different backgrounds are using to gather up-to-date information about the locations of their interest. Sourcing business and collecting general information about a specific locations located in Qatar has never been easier.

Qatar directory places (Qatar spots) is one of those online directories that consistently focus their attention on fulfilling the needs of their visitors. Since the launch, the number of visitors to this directory is gradually increasing. Faissal with Naif and the entire team of the Qatar directory places (Qatar Spots) share the common vision of meeting the various challenges that cross their path and always strive to maintain high quality standards.

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  1. Hi,Instead those that do report such company formation in Qatar actions are often cancelled and deported or left to face bogus cases with all their rights stripped from them.Thanks.....


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