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Las Vegas Limousine Service

By Martha Lorenzo

If you are thinking on leasing a limousine service while you are in Las Vegas, you are going to have to spend a lot of money, that's for sure. Before you choose a Las Vegas Limo company, you have to consider many aspects to ensure you get your money's worth.

Limousine companies are constantly competing with each other to provide excellent chauffeur services to its consumers. You will find it hard to choose the limousine company you want to get for your Vegas escapades because they also offer exceptional amenities that are really very attractive to anyone.

As mentioned above, it might help you decide on which Las Vegas Limo service you will have to get by looking and comparing the amenities each one of them offers. In all industry where competitions are really high, one must make a distinction from the either. In the case of limousine companies, they pretty much offer and provide the same things like built-in bar, premium entertainment system, privacy divider, leather seats and many more. The only difference is how they will present these amenities to make it more marketable so they can get many customers. The cost that you have to pay for a limousine service varies and largely depends on the amenities included. If you want a cheap limousine service, expect it to be as simple as driving and taking you where you want to go, just the typical. No nothing. If you want to experience luxury and royal treatment, you are going to have pay a huge amount of money.

A limousine can accommodate from a minimum of 4 passengers up the 20, the most, depending on the size. It also has a greater ceiling height for a more comfortable limousine experience.

Limousine provides many amenities. Every limousine has a fully stocked wet bar. Usually, there is a sideboard that contains complimentary bottles of champagne, bottled water, alcohol, ice and glassware. Another spotlight for limousine amenities is the entertainment system which includes flat screen TV, radio player, DVD and CD player equipped with surround sound systems. Some may even have communication system installed like intercom and telephones. Limousine interiors are also custom built with fiber optic blinking neon lights. A divider is also integrated in the limousine for your time alone or privacy needs. In Las Vegas, the rate for a limousine service starts at $45 up to $125 per hour. For trip packages including round trip transfers, the rate starts at $56 up to $475. Generally, fuel surcharge is about $5 with a two hour minimum.

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  8. My friend recently went to Las Vegas to celebrate being financially stable (not the best place to celebrate that) and went and rented a really nice limo. The limo service he used had the biggest limo he's ever seen and it was the best he's used. I'm just still trying to understand why he went to Vegas to celebrate.


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