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How Do I Clean My Wetsuit

By Della Monroe

A wetsuit may be made to last for a longer time by using the cleaner and also the conditioner to car for it. Those individuals who surf usually tend to think that when you rinse it in water that is fresh and then hung it under a cool shade is the best way to improve on the care of the suit but this happens not to be the case. To purchase a suit that is of good quality is quite expensive and this is similar to making an investment. The investment cost you several dollars and therefore you need it treat it accordingly.after reading this article people will not ask how do i clean my wetsuit.

In case the suit is used for more than a third of the days in a year, then it means that there is a lot of pressure that is put in the neoprene. The salt in the ocean, urine, rays of the sun, getting into contact with the sand as well as stretching each and every time make it to lose its elasticity and toughness.

When a good care it taken and recommended cleaning of the costume done, it will prolong the time that it will serve you. Though it is expensive to purchase a brand new one, it is actually worth every cent that it cost you. There are some tips that one needs to consider observing so that the suit lasts longer and maintains its flexibility.

Too much of temperatures are not good on neoprene as it is an artificial kind of rubber compound. Water that has been heated should not be used when rinsing or even washing the suit. It is not supposed to be left inside the car or dried under the light of the sun. Also it is known to make the material to lose the elasticity it had at the beginning and at time the shape also gets altered.

After it has been cleaned, hanging it properly will do it good. Do not do this under the sun and also there is need to avoid draping it over the side mirror of the car. Also, when hanging it never do it at the neck or the shoulders because when this happens to be the case, it will stretch at a faster rate and finally lose elasticity. A plastic hanger is the one to be used and this happens by sliding the suit inside it from the bottom or alternatively from the top and finally hang it. It is hanged on the garage or the shower when it has been turned or even any other place so long as there is a shade present.

It is always preferable to keep in mind that this rubber material from which the suit is made from does not go well with the heat and hot things. It was made for use in surfing, diving and other activities like swimming and all of them have nothing to do with hot water. It should never be washed using the washer machine. It is recommended to be dried when it is turned inside out and this is done inside the house.

There is need to avoid the sunlight and this cleaning should be conducted as quickly as possible. Use of dryers and the iron box are not used at all. There is a plastic bag which is made and used for the storage of the costume. Since it cost you much pennies to purchase it, then you need to take great care of it and always have the system for storage to make it last for a long time.

A well maintained suit is very comfortable for use during the period that you need it. It will be intact and very elastic. The shape too will be intact and this will really please you.

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