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What Makes Myanmar Backpacking Important To The People

By Barbara Carter

There are different things which attract different people to different place but today we are talking about Myanmar which receives the greatest number of tourists all over Asia. However, this is the poorest country with a great number of populations. Therefore Myanmar backpacking is the greatest thing which makes people from all over the world like this place.

The first place which lingers to people minds and make them wish to visit is Burma which is rich in news and media. There are other things which make the place attractive to the outside world which are wildlife and low-cost entertainment opportunities. The tourism in the area has exceeded the government regulation but it is run by minority who are from elite group of the military.

People in the area have a culture that giraffe neck women group has to wear brass coil on their necks since the age of five years. These are people from kayan community which is always available in parks where the tourists visit for their entertainment and experience. In order for the people from Burmese to retain their culture, they have been influenced by Buddhism hence backpacking their culture to suit their classifications.

This is the poorest country in southern Asia although it receives the greatest number of tourists than any other country in Asia. This has been lead by the government collecting all the revenues leaving the people around area without enough for personal sustenance and development. Therefore, there is need for everyone in the country to make sure they backpack their culture in order to earn some cash from the visitors.

After the government relocated the capital city, the region did not lower the number of visitors hence remains the most interesting part in Myanmar. This way, the dwellers in this region are able to receive some cash as they sell their services to person on tour before the government arrives for the taxes.

The other thing in making the place more important to visitors is the availability of a treasure which is not hidden known as the Golden Pagoda. This attracts eyes of many who pass along the way where the treasure is kept hence contributes to the income for the city people. The rates for services in this place are cheat to encourage everyone who comes for vacation and holiday.

The cultural food will always be fun to taste therefore when you visit this place, make sure you try their dessert. This is another way of encouraging tourists to visit regularly since there is more to do in their hotels and restaurants.

In this land, you are supposed to travel right in order not to be swept away. For many who camp at family run businesses and guest houses, they make sure all their profits from contributions made during tourism time is distributed to the local people for them to increase their lives.

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