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United Yacht Transport: The Do's & Don'ts Of Clam Digging

By Susan Andrews

To say that clam digging is a unique sport would be an understatement, but this doesn't take away from the appeal that it has. Many people who enjoy boating take part in this sport on a routine basis, provided they know where to go clamming and how suitable the weather is. United Yacht Transport will tell you, though, that not everyone will get the most out of this sport. Here are some of the most important clam digging do's and don'ts to know.

DO keep an account of the tools at your disposal. Clam digging, not unlike other sports, requires certain tools to reach the utmost success. Companies along the lines of United Yacht Transport will agree that you must keep a number of tools on-hand, including shovels, buckets, and rubber boots. When you have all of the right tools on-hand, you won't have to worry about missing even a single facet of clamming.

DON'T move from a spot where clams are found. When clam digging, you'll probably come upon a spot where clams are prevalent. Instead of moving away from this spot, stay put and continue to dig, since it's possible that there's more to find. Staying in a sweet spot probably goes without saying, but you'd be surprised to see just how many people try their luck elsewhere. Boat transport and shipping experts will tell you to keep at it.

DO understand the rules. You might live in an area where there are certain rules related to clam digging. Maybe you'll only be allowed to go clamming during certain times of the year. Perhaps you'll have to steer clear of certain areas so that you do not get into trouble. These are just a few examples of how the rules can come into effect, so make sure that they are followed as closely as possible.

DON'T throw every clam you find into the bucket. Even if you come across multiple clams, this doesn't necessarily mean that each one will be worth keeping. You want to keep those that are alive, which you can determine by examining each shell. If it's sealed tightly, it's alive, so make sure that it's kept in the bucket. Otherwise, you'd be wise to throw your clams back into the water and continue your search.

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