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Factors To Consider When Classifying Manuel Antonio Hotels

By Dennis Murphy

The hospitality industry is filled with a variety of products. These range from food service, entertainment, rest and luxury among others. There are different types of hospitality facilities. These range from simple lodges, bed and breakfast motels, holiday homes and hotels. Hotel facilities have different categories. The classes of Manuel Antonio hotels are determined by a range of characteristics. This article highlights some of the criteria used to classify hospitality facilities.

Experts look into the architectural construct of the building housing the facility. They consider the structure and how must of design aspects have been inculcated in the construction. Some architectural buildings act as attractions in themselves. The design must depict structural prowess and artistic aspects. More importantly the structure must be functional and have some curb appeal. Depending on the location of the facility, some hotels are housed in themed buildings, making them more attractive.

Experts also consider the range of services available in the facility. A facility providing a range of services is likely to be better classified. The variety of services includes food service and preparation, bedding services and housekeeping. Others services are recreational.

Activities in which facility occupants stand to select from also plays a significant role. These activities include fitness centers, pampering facilities or even nature walks. Others with swimming pools and salon parlors also have a better rating than those without. Some city facilities have gambling and other gaming activities for both children and adult patrons.

The menu of the restaurant is also a significant factor to consider. The menu items must be high-end products. They could be exotic items or indigenous to the area. The facility must sell its destination through a well-planned menu as well as seek to produce international menus for their guests.

The different areas and capacities of the hotels are also important to consider. The bed capacity must be sizable, and the range of housekeeping and lodging facilities must avail varieties for clients to choose. Some facilities have multiple restaurants within the same area. The idea of choice plays a significant role in categorization.

The service staff training and delivery are also critical. Regardless of the architecture, the range of services and capacity of the building, the service delivery must be top notch. A good facility has staff trained in proper etiquette, and efficient service delivery. Their service delivery must meet and exceed set industry standards. Hot foods must be served hot, and cold foods must be served as so. Also the timing must be appropriate.

Hotel classification is important for both entrepreneurs and hospitality facility patrons. It helps business people to know how they can arrange for improvement. Also, having a better rating, according to national and international standards, acts as a marketing strategy. In the same way, it helps visitors to have certain expectations and budget appropriately for their tours abroad. Entrepreneurs must consider improving their service delivery through training, increasing their facilities and tending to them. They must also include additional activities and proper menu planning for guests.

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