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Simple Steps To Be Followed In A Chimney Cleaning

By Christine Scott

The structures in which the main purpose is to provide some proper ventilation in a particular place is called as chimneys. These will ventilate a place from flue gases and also smoke from the furnaces, boilers, fireplaces, and stoves. Flues are the spaces inside a chimney. Usually, buildings, ships, and also steam locomotives are using these.

There are times when burning fires are not avoided from a chimney and these usually cause a fire because of those some substances that are sticky and flammable like creosote and soot. Doing the chimney cleaning Windsor Locks CT is done not only by hiring some professionals but may be done also through doing it by yourself. This article will be giving you the steps in doing it in a simple way.

These steps involve four different methods. First is to prepare for cleaning. But before starting the process, determine first whether the chimney would really need this process for cleaning. The most typical time for the chimneys to be cleaned is once a year. Frequent use of it often gets it dirty, so to clean it regularly is needed. Due to being dormant may be for a while, some animals may have been nesting in it so better check it.

Next is measuring the flue. When doing all the cleaning methods, make sure that you are using the proper tools with proper sizes. Make sure to measure all sides starting from the bottom or the fireplace, them climbing up using a ladder for measuring the top part. Purchase all the needed supplies by going to the nearby hardware stores.

Wear an appropriate clothing when doing the process. Old clothes may be used to avoid messing up the new ones due to soot. Bandannas may be used as hair covering, gloves for the protection of hands, then goggles for the protection of eyes. Placing a plastic tarp or a drop cloth for covering the floor will avoid it to get dirty. Then locate its dumper handle and clean it using a brush.

Second is cleaning first the top and to the bottom. Get a ladder to climb up unto the roof. The ladder may also be set up outside the home when climbing unto your roof, but just make sure that it is safe. Next is assembling the brush and the pipe section for flue scrubbing. There are several sections available that can be added into the pipe to make the brush longer.

Third is to clean starting from bottom up to the top. Those steps that are being applied in method 2 is also applied here for the flue scrubbing. After this, do the bottom top method to clean. This is done by applying the pulley system with a brush. The placed unto the roof.

During this step, you need someone in helping you hold the rope and dropping it, from which the brush is being attached to the center. Then together, work by utilizing the ropes by pulling the rope up and down. By this, the brush will be scrubbing a chimneys flue.

Lastly is removing dirt from flue entrance using the shovel and the spade. Reattach then the damper handle that was removed in the first method. A drop cloth or a plastic tarp may obtain debris, us a dustpan and a broom to clean it.

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