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Special Services Available At Manuel Antonio Near By Hotels

By Jose Brooks

The hospitality industry provides employment in many states. It has evolved over the years. Initially hotels provided for the basic food, drinks and lodging. There are hired professionals who prepare food and beverages for guest patronage. A menu is available and a particular service style used. Over time however, the industry has evolved. Other additional services are availed for guests comfort. This article looks at the additional services available at Manuel Antonio near by hotels.

Hotels meet the corporate needs for meetings, seminars and conferences. That continues to provide business for the industry even in low tourism seasons. Some meetings are held in the form of retreats. This way, out of town clients are also able to profit from the business. They must provide meeting halls, writing material, computers, screens and other equipment to facilitate communication. Internet connection is a must have in this context.

They also offer wedding packages. The wedding packages include packages for photo shooting grounds, reception and decoration. They organize for the whole wedding ceremony including honeymoon arrangements. Wedding guests are spoiled with great decoration, quality entertainment and food. Some hotels provide for honeymooners special services. These include entertainment, special additions to room service, wine chocolates and other treats.

Banqueting for events is also another special package. They may have halls for art gallery events, book launches and signage among other events. The clients pay for the package including food and entertainment. Special galas and corporate dinners held at these facilities are also used as a marketing tool by the management. They use the opportunity to showcase their services and opportunities.

Outside catering also provides for good business opportunities. Due to the many events people have, cooking for many guests during events can be hectic. Hotel specialists provide outside catering and food service standards. They avail quality buffet style services for weddings and other events outside of their premises. The food is prepared within the hotel to the same standard. They arrive at the destination with cutlery, food, drinks and service personnel.

Concierge services are also available. These include concierge parking, guest check-in and check-out procedure. Some hospitality facilities also provide for laundry services for clients other that their resident clients. The laundry services include pick-up and delivery back to the client office or home.

One of the main services provided by hotels for walk-in and resident clients and non-resident is sporting and spa treatment services. The spa business attracts all types of clients. These range from all demographic areas. They also include patients recovering from harsh medical procedures and sports people. Sports available include swimming indoor games such as badminton table tennis among others. Some also provide gambling games for all. Note that gambling requires permits from the necessary authorities.

The primary services offered by hospitality facilities are food and lodging. Others additional services are included to increase sales. More importantly, they improve the experience of guests by availing value for money. These include indoor sports, gambling and other board games. Spas and gyms also provide for wellness. Wedding couple can also find good packages for hotels to host their special day. Other events meetings and seminars are best held at hotels with banqueting facilities. Note that wireless internet connection is a primary need for corporate events and business guests.

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