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Best Las Vegas Grand Canyon Bus Tours For Spring Break

By Jacky Archer

Are you waiting for Spring Break to hurry and get here so you can go to Vegas? Or maybe you're just thinking about it? It's not too early to finalize your plans so you can beat the rush of Spring Breakers making reservations for the months of March and April.

Since you'll be close to the Grand Canyon when you go to Vegas, you should make plans to take a tour while you're there. While you can choose from a variety of tours, you should consider a bus tour because you'll see lots of scenic views and have the chance for some adventure.

You can visit the West Rim or the South Rim from Vegas, so it's really the best point to start your adventure from. You can even add on a helicopter tour which adds an element of excitement and fun.

West Rim Skywalk

A lot of people want to go to the West Rim because it has a lot of fun activities and attractions. The Skywalk is one of the attractions you don't want to miss. The Skywalk is a huge transparent platform that is suspended over the Canyon so you can walk on it and look down to the Canyon floor 4000 feet below. You'll have impressive views and a few thrills, plus there are professional photographers stationed there to snap a photo of you enjoying the experience.

Another good thing about going to the West Rim is that you can add on a helicopter flight down to the bottom of the Canyon. The chopper will fly into the Canyon and set down near the river where you can enjoy a Champagne picnic and enjoy the view of the towering rock walls. You can also add on a boat ride along the Colorado River.

In addition, the West Rim is great for walking and hiking and enjoying magnificent views from lookouts like Eagle Point and Guano Point.

About The South Rim Of The Canyon

The West Rim is popular because of all the adventures available, but the South Rim is noted for being the most beautiful. Just like the West Rim tours, you can upgrade your South Rim bus tour to include a helicopter ride over the Canyon. The flight goes over to the remote wilderness area of the North Rim and back. You will also fly through the Dragoon Corridor, which is the deepest and widest part of the Canyon.

The basic bus tour will take you around key spots like Yaki Point and Mather Point. The tour includes a stop at Grand Canyon Village where you can shop for souvenirs, explore the Village, and get a bite to eat.

Upgrade To The Deluxe Tour

You can buy a basic bus tour or a deluxe one. The deluxe tours are more personal since they use a touring van that only carries 12 people. The basic tours use motor coaches that carry 40 people or more per trip. When you go on a deluxe tour, you'll have a little more freedom when it comes to when to take rest stops and what landmarks you want to see.

The price you pay for a deluxe or basic tour is all-inclusive, which eliminates hidden fees. Entrance fees to the park and lunch are included. Bus tours are the most affordable way to see the Canyon, since you can book a tour for as low as $80.

To Conclude

A Vegas getaway that includes a bus tour to the Canyon is a perfect way to spend your Spring Break. You have lots of options from which rim to tour, deluxe or basic tours, and even upgrades like a helicopter flyover. Don't forget to book your tour as soon as you can because they will fill up fast over Spring Break, plus booking early ensures you get the best price on your tour and any upgrades you choose.

The Canyon is filled with all kinds of adventure, so it is a fitting experience for a Spring Break getaway. It truly is one of the most breathtaking places on earth, and now is the perfect time to check it out.

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