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Those With Wanderlust Discover Beauty From Around The World With NY Travel Photographer

By Tyrone Sojka

People go to places far and wide for a wide variety of reasons. Some focus on tasting exotic foods. Others have relatives they want to visit. Some adventurous souls see a photograph taken by a talented NY Travel Photographer and decide that is the one place they want to see with their own eyes.

It may be the wild shores of Alaska with unexplored regions and possible sightings of polar bears that interests them. Those with a fascination for whales may book a cruise through chilly waters in the hopes of seeing them from the ship. Literature shows close up shots of elk, deer and polar bears native to the area.

A brochure may show the lovely beaches of Hawaii with its warm-weather activities. Orchids are growing wild and sugar cane fields extend for miles. Not everyone is lucky enough to see an active volcano. Of course, they would keep their distance.

A rain forest is home to a rainbow of color in the form of exotic birds. The canopy overhead has small monkeys living there and swinging through the branches. Perhaps a photographer has captured a picture of one mother with the baby in her arms as she watches the tourists pass below her.

The Canadian wilderness is known for its fishing and hunting opportunities. It is frightening, yet exciting to view a grizzly bear from across a mountain stream. He may be fishing for his dinner in the form of a large trout. There are endless vistas for the nature aficionado.

Hearing or reading a description of the Galapagos Islands with its giant tortoises or the coral reef in Australia is fine. Seeing them in full color on posters is breathtaking. Travel agencies would be dull places without views of Colorado with its Pikes Peak to decorate the walls. These life-like photos are provided by a successful photographer.

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