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Memorial Holiday Grand Canyon National Park Copter And Airplane Excursions

By Erik Magnus

Memorial Day is a huge summer holiday, so isn't it time that you planned a truly memorable vacation? Tours at the Grand Canyon are going to be in high demand this summer, and if you're going to be in Las Vegas, you should get in early so that you don't miss out on the chance to confirm your ticket.

Canyon Helicopter Tours

There are tours at the West Rim from Las Vegas, and the South Rim from the town of Tusayan in Arizona. Tours at the South Rim are air only, but if you choose the West Rim, you will be able to land at the top, or even at the bottom of the Canyon.

When you fly out from Vegas, the sightseeing starts before you even reach the Grand Canyon. The helicopter route will take you over Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam, both of which are spectacles that you really need to see from the air. If you choose an air only tour, you will perform a scenic flyover of the Canyon before heading back to Vegas. If you choose to land, then you will have even more adventure waiting for you.

You should book a landing tour if you can if you intend to go to the West Rim. There is one popular landing tour that flies down to the Canyon floor where you are treated to a Champagne picnic. The picnic is near the Colorado River, and once you've finished your toast and snack, you can enjoy a scenic boat ride through the Canyon. The top of the rim has a lot of fun activities too, such as walking on a trail or viewing the Canyon from the massive transparent Skywalk platform that hangs over the edge of the Canyon, 4000 feet above the river below.

If you go to the South Rim, you can choose from two helicopter tours. One gives you 30 minutes of flight time and goes to the North Rim and back. There is also a longer tour you can take that is highly recommended because it lasts for 50 minutes and flies all the way to the eastern edge of the National Park, so you see a lot more for a little increase in price. You'll get to see the Dragoon Corridor no matter which tour you take, since the flight path of these tours takes you right over the deepest and widest section of the Canyon.

Airplane Tours

If you want to save some money, you can take an airplane tour instead. They fly along the same flight path as the helicopters, the only difference is that the airplanes fly at a higher altitude. You won't get to hover in the air when you tour by airplane, but you'll still get great views because the windows are huge and the wings are mounted on top of the airplane so they are out of the way.

Planes can land at the top of the West Rim, where you can enjoy all of the same walking trails that you could if you fly there on a helicopter. You can still visit the Skywalk, and you can even add the helicopter tour that takes you to the bottom of the Canyon.

The South Rim airplane tour follows the longer route that includes 75% of the National Park. This is the exact same route that the 50 minute helicopter journey takes. Although you're flying higher in an airplane, tickets are much cheaper than helicopter tours, and planes also seat more passengers so they might be more suitable if you have a larger group.

To Wrap Up

These air tours are very popular and they fill up fast, so you need to buy your tickets soon. It's best to get your seats about two weeks ahead of time, but try to avoid getting your seats the same day. It's best to buy your tour online so you get the low Internet rate, and when you buy your tour with your credit card, your seats are reserved right there and you won't have to worry about the tour selling out.

With so many options, you can be sure that you will find the right package for your needs and budget. Choose the best option for you and your group, and you'll be all set for the most memorable Memorial Day yet.

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