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Locating A Company For Boat Transportation

By Henry Olson

A lot of boat owners will want to relocate a vessel at certain times for many different reasons. A small vessel can be loaded onto the appropriate type of trailer and towed with a vehicle. A larger yacht or fishing boat will have to be moved by specialists and if you are trying to locate a company for boat transportation it is advisable to look into all of the options.

Any type of vessel can be moved by the specialists and it is essential to use a firm that is insured and licensed. Smaller crafts can be towed by the company to any given address by one of their vehicles. A larger vessel will need to be hoisted on and off a lorry with a crane and moved on a low loader.

The fees you are charged will vary and depend on the size of the boat and its final destination. Local and short distance moves will be a reasonably quick process and not too expensive. Moving a vessel over long distances will take much longer and will cost you significantly more money.

There are various ways to locate a company to move your vessel to another destination and handle all of the necessary arrangements. There are numbers in the business section of the local telephone book and many companies will place adverts in the press. Marinas and sailing clubs may also be able to supply you with the contact details of a well established firm in the area.

You can also find companies by searching the internet and there are many that advertise their services online. Most of the web based firms will issue an instant quote for the move after you have submitted your details. Many web sites will have a testimonials page with comments from satisfied clients and this may help you with your final decision.

When you get in touch with one of the firms to handle your vessels transportation you will need to have some essential details to hand. You will need to supply the company with the collection and delivery addresses as well as the gross weight, length and width of the vessel. The company will then be able give you a price for the transportation and it is worth contacting various firms for prices so that you can get the best deal.

Other services are also offered by the professional movers such as shipping of small crafts and jet skis. Secure storage may also be arranged for your craft and this is useful if you are keeping it out of the water. If you are moving a vessel to another county there will be a lot of documentation to be prepared and your transport company will be able to handle all of these legalities.

All firms should have the correct type of insurance to cover the move but it is worth checking that this is adequate to cover your particular vessel. It is also a good idea to have someone at the delivery address to check the vessel for damage when it arrives. It is important to keep any receipts for payment as you may need to refer to them in the future.

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