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Searching For A Team Of Reliable Boat Haulers

By Sarah Thomas

A large number of boat owners will have to move their vessel to other locations for different reasons. A small craft can simply be put onto its trailer and towed with a vehicle. When you need to move a larger vessel you will be looking for a team of reliable boat haulers and it is advisable to do some research beforehand.

Any vessel can be transported by road with the correct equipment and it is imperative that you hire a team of specialists that are licensed and fully insured. If you intend to move a small craft the firm can bring a suitable trailer and tow it with a truck or van to its final destination. Larger vessels will need cranes at the collection and delivery addresses as well as a truck and flat bed trailer.

The companies that specialize in hauling boats will charge various prices depending the size of the vessel and where it is going. A short road move will not be very expensive and it will be a fairly quick process. Moving vessels over many miles is a little more challenging and it will be fairly costly.

There are a couple of ways to find a well established company to haul your vessel to its new location. Contact numbers will be listed in the business pages of the telephone directory and some firms will advertise in monthly boating magazines. It may also be worth making enquiries at your local marina and you can speak to transport firms in the neighborhood to see if they can help.

You can also find a company by searching the net and there are many that advertise online. Most of the web based companies will issue an instant quote for the road move after you have submitted some details. Many of the web sites will have a testimonials section which allows you to look comments and feedback from satisfied clients.

When you have located a hauler that can do the job you can arrange a date for the transportation and they will require some details. You will need to supply the pick up and delivery addresses along with the dimensions and weight of your vessel so that they can calculate a price. The company will then prepare a quote and it is advisable to contact different firms and make some price comparisons before you commit to anything.

Some of the haulers may also offer other useful services such storage and international moves. If your vessel does have to go into secure storage for a period of time they will arrange this for you. If you plan to move your boat to an overseas destination the company will need to handle all of the import and customs clearance paperwork.

The firms will usually have insurance cover in place but it is worth checking before you proceed. On the day of delivery it is very important to have someone there to supervise the unloading and check the vessel. It is also advisable to hang on to any payment receipts and keep them in a safe place for reference.

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