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Considerations When You Want To Plan A Trip To Wales

By Sharon Gibson

On the western end of England is Wales, one of the highest rated and most rewarding tourism destinations in the world. Its position is strategic for visitors who want to enjoy a piece of England as an addition. When you plan a trip to Wales, you should include a visit to the 3 national parks, enjoy the two national languages, have a taste of the 750 miles coastline and tour the 641 world recognized castles.

Transport network is adequately connected to all destinations all over the world. From London, it will only take you three hours by road. This gives you a chance to visit the most amazing places where you can capture excellent photos of your vacation. By renting a car, you travel at your own speed and stop at any location depending on personal preferences.

Flying in from any city in the US or around the world is easy with world class airports at Manchester, Cardiff, Birmingham and Ireland, among other nearby cities. For water travel lovers, there is a reliable speedboat that takes 90 minutes from Dublin to Holyhead. Tourist buses also serve all destinations from international airports allover UK.

The ease with which you get around will determine how well you enjoy your experience. Depending on personal preferences, you may opt to rent a car and drive around. However, you must be comfortable with driving on the opposite side of the road compared to the US. If you want to enjoy a relaxing tour, the train is an option since it connects to almost any tourism destination.

Wales has excellent accommodation options for all budgets and preferences. They include world class hotels, holiday homes, cottages and camping areas, among others. A simple search online will reveal the most affordable range of accommodation options. You may carry your pet along if you wish, as long as necessary veterinary approvals are obtained.

The Welsh cuisine is diverse and overly rewarding. The country also hosts world renowned food festivals. For travelers, there are food joints and restaurants every turn you make. Through your visit, ensure to taste glamorgan, Welsh cawl, cakes and rarebit, among other foods. The selection of drinks and wines is also amazing, completing the serving on your plate.

Since Wales is a part of the United Kingdom, you will need a single visa for the entire region. Application is made in embassies and immigration centers in different parts of the world. You may also make an application for prolonged stay or citizenship. You do not need a tourist visa if you have a US passport. You also do not require a visa if your stay will be less than six months.

The most rewarding vacation to Wales is one that is adequately planned. The involvement of professional agencies makes your logistics easy and accurate. You will get the right documents, accommodation, travel and other logistics adequately covered. The agent also remains in touch and is ready to assist in case of a mishap.

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