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Tour Wales Castles For An Adventure You Will Never Forget

By Andrew McDonald

For history and architecture enthusiasts, a visit to the Welsh countryside is the dream of a lifetime. Even those who have visited the United Kingdom before are struck by the difference between the other countries and this one. First of all, there are more castles here per square mile than anywhere else on earth. More than a hundred of them are open to the public. If time is limited, visitors will have to pick and choose as they tour Wales castles.

Edward I, who reigned at the end of the thirteenth century, created a lasting legacy when it comes to castle design. Prior to his reign most fortifications are built in the motte and bailey style, which was a design common throughout the United Kingdom and Denmark. Edward began to reconstruct and erect castles with ringed walls made of stone that protected the interior. Towers and turrets were added for additional security. The result was Edwardian castles, many of which remind visitors of those seen in classic fairy tales.

If you are interested in seeing a castle that looks like the home of Sleeping Beauty, you should definitely plan a visit to Hensol Castle. It is not the oldest fortification in this country, having been built in the eighteen hundreds. It began operating as a mental hospital in the early part of the twentieth century and continued in that vein until 2003. Films and television shows have been filmed here.

Chirk Castle is an ancient structure having been built late in the 1200s by the First Earl of March. He was concerned that enemies could breach the entrance to Ceiroig Valley making it vulnerable to attack. Today the castle is open to the public. Guided tours take visitors through state rooms, up into the towers and turrets, and down into the dungeons. The gardens are famous and are an essential part of any visit.

A very popular tourist attraction in Cardiff is Cardiff Castle. The architecture is Victorian and Greek Revival. The City owns the structure and has loaned it out over the years for rock concerts and performances, including one featuring Tom Jones. The summer ball is held here every year as is the largest Mardi Gras event in this country.

In the fourteen hundreds the Humphreys built a manor house known as Bodelwyddan Castle. It was reconstructed during eighteen hundreds by the famous architect, Joseph Hansom. After World War I, wounded soldiers recuperated in this castle, which at one time was owned by a private girls school. The Royal Academy of Arts and National Portrait Gallery have housed artwork in it. Today a portion of the premises operates as a hotel.

One example of Edward I's motte and bailey reconstruction efforts is Caernarfon Castle located in Gwynedd. It once served as the center of administration for north Wales. This castle was the location of the Prince of Wales investiture.

Anyone with any appreciation of history, architecture, and beauty will love touring the Welsh countryside in search of castles to investigate. It is a wonderful way to see the country and learn something of its history. Visitors go home with plenty of stories to tell and pictures to show.

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