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Bermuda Snorkeling Is Still As Popular As Ever

By Jessica Thomas

Activities in and around water are amongst the main reasons people visit the islands of the Caribbean. Bermuda snorkeling is one such activity and there are not many other places on earth that can boast having such clear water, fine weather and mind boggling choice of amazing sites to snorkel.

The island has a collection of beautiful coral reefs, easily accessible shipwrecks and underwater caves plus the most amazing marine life described by some as uniquely perfect. The temperate climate for most of the year means that the sea remains comfortably warm although some divers recommend wearing wet suits between November and March. One benefit of diving in the cooler months is that visibility is improved considerably.

Those making their first visit will benefit from doing a little prior research to learn where their snorkeling ability, interest and financial circumstances can best be satisfied. Many visitors are delighted to snorkel off some of the abundant heavenly beach locations and spend the rest of their time simply lying around and simply just chilling out.

One potential disadvantage of snorkeling close to shore is that it can limit the size of fish that you are likely to see. Butterfly and Parrot fish are common sightings, but if spotting larger species is your thing, a chartered boating service may be preferable of which there are plenty to choose from. Tobacco Bay is such a beach offering an amazing snorkel experience and which is close to a castle called after Saint Catherine on the northern coast St George Island. Visitors with limited time available will enjoy this venue as it is relatively close to the Wade International Airport.

An equally renowned area offering great snorkeling is Elbow Beach, located centrally on the southern coastal region of Main Island within Paget Parish. Some opinions rate Elbow Beach as among the very best in Bermuda. A major attraction is the proximity of a shipwreck, approximately one hundred yards offshore that is quite easy to access.

Sunk in 1915 after being blown off course by a hurricane and striking a reef, this is reported to be a really fascinating dive site suited to more experienced snorkelers, and it is even possible to swim right through the massive ship boilers. Best avoided during rough weather due to unpredictable surges the wreck is also visited by dive boat tours.

If your visit is geared around a family experience then Snorkel Beach could be the ideal location to visit. Situated on the west most tip of Main Island, initially it is the brilliantly white and fine sand which captures the attention. Calm waters and shallows are also what make this a terrific dive location for those with younger families.

These include the nearby fort which houses the National Museum and the Dolphin Quest where visitors can actually swim with and feed the dolphins that are kept here. Sightings of angelfish, doctor fish and grey snappers are common amongst the coral reefs. What is great for children is that there are actually marked trails to follow and underwater signs describing what you are looking at. Frequently visitors are able to see sunken canons under the water.

Whether a beginner or an old hand at snorkeling, Bermuda has something to offer everyone. There is always something new to be discovered. The sites mentioned are but a small sample from the myriad number of memorable locations where all tastes and styles are accommodated.

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