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DIY Vacation Costa Rica Is The Way To Go

By Frances Hayes

When looking to book a solo holiday, are you someone who leaves everything to the last minute or do you write a checklist and follow it slavishly? Good holiday planning can save you money; ensure you go to the right destination and that you get no unwanted surprises when you arrive. Use the following advice each time you are planning a DIY vacation Costa Rica, and your trip is more likely to run smoothly.

Think carefully about the kind of destination and type of holiday that is best for you. You may want to avoid romantic locations and hotels that are primarily aimed at young families. Think about access; you might not want to walk up steep steps from the beach in 100 degrees, also proximity to the airport to avoid lengthy transfers. If you are nervous about wandering too far alone at night, look for hotels with night-time entertainment or ones near shops and local bars/restaurants.

But now the tourism sector is organized and duly aware of the growing market of singles holidays. Solo holidays have not remained same haphazardly planned and on-the-go vacations. Many tourism companies have emerged that plan holidays only for single people. It has widened the demographic range of single travelers on holiday. Now anyone looking for a break from his or her monotonous life or just want to spend some time with one's self goes for a single holiday.

A single traveler on vacation can be anyone from investment banker to a beautician running her parlor. People look for peace and solace in their single holiday. Whether it is the case of running away from relationships or search for inner calm, peaceful and serene vacations can do wonders to lift up the mood and soul of the single traveler.

Also, check whether you have the correct type of mobile phone for the country you plan to travel to. Some countries require a tri-band phone. E. G. The United States. You do not want to find you are unable to use your phone after you have arrived.

When you have your own money, you spend without limitation because you are not afraid of offending your partner. In this new generation, women are earning a generous amount of money, and they can, therefore, afford to spend on spa weekends with fellow girlfriends or expensive movie tickets. In the past years when the money belonged to the man, she could only spoil herself with a simple dinner and a movie.

Only plan to take what you can carry in your suitcase and cabin bag. Get out everything you want to take a few days before you leave and then reduce it by half. I always took too much with me until I did this. Also, invest in some weighing scales for your suitcase. You can pick these up very cheaply, and they will save you money for excess baggage and give you peace of mind.

Take only travel size toiletries. I find it cheaper to buy a pack of plastic travel bottles and jars and fill with my usual shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, etc. Remember to pack them in your main suitcase or a plastic bag if you intend taking them on the flight with you. Good planning always pays off and you can never go wrong if you execute it the right way. Enjoy your solo holiday!

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