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Enjoy The Thrill Of A Mud Bogging Truck

By Steven Allen

Hearing the stories of the mud pit exploits gets old after a while,eventually you are going to want to be part of the action. It's a lot of fun hearing the stories, it's even more fun being part of the stories. Having a truck of your very own that you can add mods to is where the real fun is.

This activity has been around for years in the south, but it is starting to gain a following all over the nation and even worldwide. It has several names like mud bogging, mud racing, or some simply refer to it as muddiing. Whatever name sticks it is basically when off road vehicles are driven through mud pits to see how far a person can make it. The person that makes it the farthest wins.

Watch a few of the first guys through the pit to learn the strong and weak points of the pit. Don't be to eager to be the first one,let a few guys show you the mistakes they make. After info has been gathered then you greatly increase your chance of making it all the way through or at least going the most distance.

There are many videos online that can be valuable knowledge concerning tactics and discipline. Many examples of how it should be done and how it shouldn't be done (some of the best learning is want not to do). Some examples show actual racing, others simply show drivers fighting their way through deep, muddy holes or pits simply to prove they can take it.

The bottom line is two things are needed. A good solid truck and some wet mud, the wetter the better. The mud bogs are easy to find, especially in rainy season. If it is just a couple of guys killing time then any mud bog will do. If it's a scheduled event then a place that is set up for spectators might be needed, and it does seem to be a very popular spectator sport.

For the first time out any truck will be okay but eventually upgrades are going to be needed, especially if winning is the motive. Any thing that can be done to produce more horsepower is a must and beefing up the suspension will help.

Good tires are a key part of any good off road truck. An aggressive pattern sems to offer the best terrain hugging qualitys. Since the object is to go the greatest distance to win events. A steady back and forth motion of the wheels offers the best traction also keep a steady throttle, constantly switching gears and reving the motor seems to stop forward motion.

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