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People Fall In Love With St Maarten At First Sight

By Lelia Hall

When the days seem to be getting longer and the stress levels have reached an all time high, perhaps it's time to consider a relaxing and regenerating vacation. An island retreat might just be what the doctor ordered, and promises to heal even the weariest. A perfect choice could prove invaluable, and a good one to consider is St Maarten, which lies in the lower southern half of the dreamy Caribbean Saint Martin Island.

Never could one imagine the splendor and beauty of the scenery and vistas. It is almost as if a series of professional photographs have been taken, and as one explores the island, each postcard morphs into the next one. Seemingly as if each one is more beautiful than the previous one. It is impossible though to compare the beauty of the reality with a printed photograph, however, they are both breathtaking in their own right.

Since the natural beauty speaks for itself, it's up to the tourist to discover all of the other hidden gems this beautiful island has to offer. World-class cuisine, ranks at the top of most people's list, with wonderful surroundings only enhanced by the enjoyment good food. The cooking tastes and styles come from a melting pot of the southern Netherlands' influence and the northern French addition, (not to mention a pinch of the local flavor).

For some, lounging around on the beach or shopping is excitement enough, while others prefer immersing their minds into the island's history and culture. Luckily though there are numerous museums, memorials and theaters which can be visited and enjoyed. It is always enlightening to discover why things are as they seem, and to enjoy sharing lifestyle stories with the locals (who are always friendly). Participation is a always a way to experience the intensity as opposed the frivolity of the local lifestyle, not to mention a sense of the camaraderie between the tourists and the locals.

If this particular vacation was deemed to cleanse the soul, and recuperate the mind, then that is exactly what it will provide. The surroundings are so surreal, that one is automatically relaxed and comfortable from the moment one sets foot in the place. How could you help but be inspired by such beauty?

One of the biggest draw-cards is the convenient and world-class shopping to be had. The best part of the deal is that the island is duty free, and one can put off shopping for their big ticket items until they reach this destination. The best bargains can be found while enjoying every moment of your vacation, and then relishing in it once you return home, where the bargain-memoir increases in sentimental value.

Relaxing the mind and body, also (for some) includes participating in some adrenalin inspiring water sports like jet-skiing or para sailing, while others might enjoy snorkeling or sailing to calm the nerves. In some cases, horse riding along the sandy white beaches is a dream come true. Whatever your inclination, be assured that anything you might choose will be readily and professionally available, so that memories can be made and cherished.

These include jungle zip-lines or beach horse riding, but ultimately the choice is wide and diverse and able to suit any inclination. Just by staring at the map of the island, inspiration and excitement are instantly entertained, and the knowledge of how wonderful the time to be spent there will be, becomes uncontainable. With all of the options available, who wouldn't aspire to visiting this stunningly beautiful and multifaceted haven?

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