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Steps In Pool Table Refelting Denver

By Lena Stephenson

Pool tables are designed for patios and indoor sports arenas. Pool is a game that most play during their leisure time with family and friends. The tables are able to last as long as 20 years with minimal maintenance when they are made from durable material. The part of the structure that is most vulnerable is the felt. In considering pool table refelting Denver residents should know the steps taken in order to come up with excellent results.

Felts are the fabrics that are attached to the surface of the pool table. The process of changing the felt is easy and can be done individually from home. The first step will be to determine the size of the table. The measurements are taken using a tape measure. A new felt can be obtained from a sports shop or even home improvement depots. The size taken should be such that there are some 12 inches extra from the width and length. There are usually many colors of felts. The choice of color depends on the individual. You can choose the same color like the current one or go for a different one.

The rails should be removed after that. This is done using a crescent wrench. Bolts attaching the rails are removed. Usually, the rails are also covered by the felt so they will need to be re-felted as well. The rails will then need to be carefully set on the floor close to its position in the table so that a mistake will not be made of attaching the rail to the wrong side.

A staple remover is used when removing the old material. It is used to out staples which are at the felt edges. All felt should be removed from the table so that the newly placed one is perfectly fitted. The one that has been removed can be put in a thrash bag to be disposed later.

The new felt should be placed carefully while making sure to inspect that there are no any damages or stains on it. It should then be cut using a sharp scissor while using the border of the table top as the guide. There needs to be some felt that is left over that will be used for re-felting the rails.

After making the cut, a stapler is used to attach the felt to the top of the table. Stapling begins at the mid points of one end of the felt then proceeds to the left and right edges. When this is done, you proceed to the other end to pull the felt tightly. It then gets stapled like was done in the previous case.

Side edges are then stapled. It is essential to ascertain that the staples are placed at the same distance from each other. They also need to be lined up in the correct way. 3 slits are cut on each pocket then the felt is wrapped and stapled on the pocket edges. Before stapling, the felt is tightly pulled.

Finally, the structure is reassembled. Rails will be attached to their original positions using a crescent wrench. The pocket lines are inserted and the table is ready for use.

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