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The Primary Responsibilities Of A Racehorse Trainer

By Lena Stephenson

Horses are dependable and loyal animals that have been the companion of man in doing strenuous work or traveling to distant places. They have been around the property of man and coexisting with humanity since the old times. In the past, they have been used as battle allies in wars among different kingdoms.

They are good pets that can also make man rich. As a pastime, they have been bred to become faster runners to compete in a race. A racehorse trainer is employed by many horse owners to train their horses become faster. Many have actually become millionaires just by breeding, raising, training, and racing horses.

The trainer needs to oversee the basic needs of the horse in training. Adequate food and nutrition must be provided as well as veterinary necessities like immunization shots and general checkup. These animals are extremely athletic and physical so they need to be checked from time to time if they have acquired minor injuries from the training.

Many believe that the trainers are actually horse whisperers that is why they can somehow communicate with the horses and can be understood. With body language and proper understanding of the nature of equines, certainly, a person can be a trainer. It could be a great advantage if the trainer also has a background in veterinary medicine.

In addition, they make sure that the equine is in perfect condition prior to any race activities. It helps if they are familiar with the anatomy of the equine so that they will have an idea how to immediately respond if there are unexpected falls. In emergency scenarios, they must also know how to do first aid to the horse.

Any problem or progress that the equine is undergoing must be reported to the owners. This is also one of the responsibilities of a trainer. He or she must make sure that the owners are updated. They are the ones who provide the needs and financial support. Another thing to consider is to make sure the equine is sociable.

It is their utmost responsibility to make sure the animals are safe and protected at all cost since these are the investment of the owners to a million dollar worth race. And since the equines are to be competed with other horses in front of a jeering crowd, they need to be sociable enough. They may get scared if it is their first time to compete if they are not used to the noise.

There are legal means to become a certified trainer. But he or she must educate himself or herself starting from being a caretaker, a groomer, or a veterinary apprentice. Any kind of training that is all about the proper handling of equines is applicable. An owner will certainly look for a licensed trainer.

The most critical part of performing the responsibilities is to become passionate about it. Trainers have to love what they are doing and above all, love the equines they are teaching. They must not physically hurt or stress these beautiful animals.

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