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Important Facts About Balloon Flights In Colorado

By Della Monroe

The activity of flying or cruising in a balloon is called ballooning. The three main things that make it more popular are the quietness of the flight, the beautiful view and the lack of feeling of movement. The latter can be attributed to the fact that the aircraft moves into the direction of the wind and the passenger can only feel movements when entering different currents. Balloon flights in Colorado are definitely a must try out activity for everyone.

A good number of people usually prefer to get ballooning services from companies that are in the business as piloting requires a lot of effort which is the availability of equipment and a license. Most of these rides are often offered in tourist areas but this does not mean that people who do not live in such areas do not get to enjoy them.

If you are scared of heights, then the balloon festival is the best place to enjoy watching them fly close up and one can even make it a family activity. Other things that also take place at the festivals include amusement rides and various types of entertainment. These vessels are famous for their extreme heights and the highest height ever reached is 21,290 meters.

It is common for unpressured aircraft to have oxygen supply to its passengers and the balloon is no exception especially if it is going to exceed an altitude of 3,180 meters. A majority of these launches take place during the cooler hours of the day which can be at dawn or dusk. At these times, the winds are lighter facilitating for easier launching and flying.

The air currents that result from the heating ground referred to as thermals usually make piloting difficult but this can be avoided by making sure that landing and launching are done at the right times. These currents can sometimes make piloting very difficult and even bring it down completely. Before launching, the pilot must check the weather and select the best take-off point.

The point of take-off should be free of any hindrances such as power lines, buildings and trees and should have enough space to lay out and inflate the envelope. The weather should also allow for good visibility and the winds slow to ensure smooth take-off. It should be situated in an area that will facilitate the wind to blow in the direction where it is expected to land.

The setup process begins with the vessel being unpacked from its bag and spread out fully on the ground then connecting the burner and basket to it. In order for it to assume its basic shape, a fan is used to blow in cold air which is then heated by the burner. One member of this crew should hold onto a rope that is connected to the apex to prevent it from launching unexpectedly and swaying.

The pilot should select a location that has minimal hindrances like buildings, trees and power lines which is large enough to allow for laying out and inflation of the envelope. The weather should be suitable and facilitate good visibility with the winds being very soft for a successful take-off. This point must be selected such that the winds will direct the balloon towards the landing destination.

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