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What You Need To Know About Hawaiian Healing On Maui

By Daphne Bowen

Hawaii is a beautiful state found in the US mostly popular for its astounding geography. It has beautiful beaches as well as fauna and flora that attract several tourists from all over the world. Aside from that it is renowned for its ancient healing methods that have seen, many people get healed from different diseases. The Hawaiian healing on Maui has been used for centuries, and it passed down through generations in the lineage of Hawaiian Healers.

The ancient residents of Hawaii had a particular belief that diseases result from the perception of the mind that people are disconnected from the divine. They, therefore, developed a way of getting you back to feel one with the divine. This is how the ancient healing was born, a process that reconnects people with divinity and removes all disease.

Energy healing is quite different from traditional medicine. In the traditional medicine, the healers have a belief that symptoms are a sign of something happening in your body. As a result, their focus is stuck on curing the physical symptom. On the other hand, in alternative or energy healing, symptoms are signs of something that has been there in the body for some time. The healers, therefore, focus their attention on the major issue that includes mental, physical, spiritual or emotional issues. With this, the symptoms are gotten rid of.

The Hawaiian curative process is in series of stages. The first stage is known as traditional talk story. In this stage, the healers question you about areas that you are concerned with or areas that need to be healed. Additionally, you will have to identify places where you feel some disconnection from the oneness. When you discuss these issues with healers, it opens you up for the healing process.

Divine healing is another process that sees to it that you get your healing. It entails connecting you with the divine power such that you get a high healing energy as well as experience blissfulness in the body, mind and spirit. The feeling you get can either be vibrant, energizing, calm and soothing depending on how willing you are to let go of your tensions and pressures. This process has been compared to Reiki many times, but it has always remained to be a more powerful one.

The clearing stages follows suit. It entails cleansing, clearing and renewing the seven basic layers of energy centers of the spiritual, physical and emotional bodies. This stage gets rid of anything that may be blocking you from connecting with the KeAkua (Divine) in you.

The process can take a short or long time depending on the recipient. You have to be willingly let go of perceptions as well as open up to receive the massive healing energy. The energy received is strong and is powerful enough to heal symptoms.

Finally, the benefits resulting from this process are worth a mention. The session is quite energetic, so you are sure of experience various bodily and emotional changes. All symptoms are eliminated due to this process. The mind, body and spirit are also transformed since the energy healing received is quite powerful. In addition, you reconnect with the inner being, feel calmness, peace, as well as have harmonized energy centers.

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