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A Hat Trick Of Amazing Waterfalls

By Jonny Blair

I've been to loads of waterfalls and as I once noted "you hardly ever get a sh*t waterfall" (except a 'waterfall' the Great Ocean Road in Australia which was literally just a drip of water). So here's my top three from what I've seen - don't miss them! Please note this is a top three of waterfalls I've actually been to, so Angel Falls (Salto Angel, Venezuela and Victoria Falls in Africa don;t qualify...).

1. Gullfoss in ICELAND:

Oh to the undeniable magic of Gullfoss. This incredible and often unknown waterfall is in Iceland. So as well as strong gushing water you get the bonus of strong winds, rain,snow and cold conditions just to add to the awesome experience of it all. Gullfoss crops up out of nowhere - suddenly you're up next to it in disbelief at how fast and endless the water flow is. You can get to Gullfoss by getting on one of many Golden Circle tours, or hire a car if you want. Wear warm clothes and take plenty of photos! You'll love it. You can also buy food, drink and souvenirs nearby.

2. Niagara Falls/Horsehoe Falls - CANADA and USA border:

It was over 10 years ago since I was at the Niagara Falls. I did the Maid of the Mist tour and thoroughly enjoyed it. An amazing spray from these falls and the border town of Niagara is in an awesome location overlooking the spectacular waterfalls. It's FREE to gaze down onto the waterfall itself, but to do the Maid of the Mist Tour is still under $20 Canadian Dollars and even cheaper if you're a child, a student or a pensioner. I'd recommend it - you get up close to the falls and you get wet.

3. Iguazu Falls (BRAZIL and ARGENTINA):

I won't stir up the debate of whether the Cataratas Del Iguazu or the Foz Do Iguacu is best as this seems to be a common discussion point between travellers. This series of immense waterfalls straddles the border between Brazil and Argentina (with Paraguay just behind as well). I visited from both Brazil and Argentina and I would recommend doing that as well to get the full experience from it. I'll do a report on each side:

Argentina Side:

Reaching the Argentina side of the falls isn't that difficult. You can get a bus that goes along Ruta 12 - it leaves from the centre of Puerto Iguazu and heads along the main road into the national park. This also goes past the Hostel Inn Iguazu Falls (the hostel I stayed in). Once you arrive at the national park, get a day pass (it was 85 Pesos in 2010 on my visit) and you have 3 real options (try and do all three): 1. Upper Falls route - a higher hike of the falls - start the hike at Estacion Cataratas 2. Lower Falls route - this goes closer to the falls itself and leads you down to the bottom parts - start the hike at Estacion Cataratas as well. 3. Garganta del Diablo/Devil's Throat - the most recommended part of the falls - this place is immense - after walk a few kilometres over a bridge you arrive at the waterfalls on a wooden ledge. You can also do boat trips, watch animals and eat in the restaurants inside the park.

Viewed from Brazil:

I arrived at the Brazil falls on a bus from Argentina. Once you get inside the national park, transport is by car. You get an overall better view of the falls from the Brazil side I have to say,but it costs a bit more. There are a number of hikes alongside the waterfalls and a viewing tower. Iguazu Falls is just spectacular no matter what you do there - you cannot but LOVE it!

It's important to note that is both waterfall viewings whether from Brazil or Argentina will be busy as these are just brilliant falls of water.

Well that's my top three waterfalls - feel free to disagree or comment. You have to love Iguazu's probably my favourite of the three!

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