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How To Maintain Longboard Skateboards In Escondido, CA

By Marci Nielsen

The need for speed by a number of people has seen much advancement in various machines. Many prefer using simple means to navigate their way around busy streets and cities as long as they are able to beat the traffic snarl ups. Surfers also have the need to experience the speed associated with surfing in huge water bodies. Owing to this reason, there has been a tremendous increase in the use of Longboard skateboards.

Many people view long boards as the sister to skate boards. This perception is due to the fact that the two are similar in appearance. Long boards have four parts, that is, the deck, truck, wheels and bearings. These components also exist within a skateboard. Long boards are meant for long distance cruising whereas skateboards are performing stunts. Maintenance of the long board is important for enabling longevity.

To start with, the deck plays a key role. It makes the body of the longboard. It I also prone to damages as compared to other components. A plywood is the main material for making it. However, in order to enable rigidity and firmness, materials such as fiberglass can be used to enhance it. When exposed to water, the ply can easily crack. It therefore has to be swiftly dried.

The bearings within the wheels are also important. This is because they play a big role in aiding movement. The regular spinning usually results in generation of a lot of heat. The heat in turn causes wearing out. A proper maintenance tip involves periodic lubrication. Replacement with new ones is also another tip of maintaining such movable parts. New ones can easily be obtained from skate shops in Escondido, CA.

The fact that longboards trucks are manufactured to resist heavy punishment does not mean that they are exempted from maintenance. Trucks are metal components whose purpose is to anchor wheels of the board to the deck. Trucks are mostly made of bushings and rubber cushions. The continuous flexing causes the tendency of wear. They are also affordable since most are found in skate shops.

The next component that needs regular maintenance is the wheels. Wheels are the main contact point to the ground. As a result, they are more susceptible to damages. The process of maintaining them is involves of periodic rotation. This can be done once in a while. The wearing out of wheels majorly depends on the boarding habits of the user. When completely worn out, arrangements need to be made to replace them.

General examination of a longboard indicates that the user is concerned about his or her safety. Sporting equipment is easily susceptible to accidents, which may cause mild and severe injuries. Such people are therefore cautioned to always examine the boards immediately after use and before usage. By so doing, one is able to alleviate the chances of breaking a bone due to a mild error.

In as much as modern longboards have been made to be tough and can withstand any weather condition, frequent maintenance is always a must. People who get the most out of their boards usually adhere to the above mentioned techniques of maintenance. Furthermore, safety is of paramount importance as far as any sporting equipment is concerned.

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