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Abcs Of Wheels For Golf Bag

By Lucia Weeks

Golfing equipment includes everything that is necessary or functional to game of golfing. It therefore includes the ball, sticks, equipment intervene and help the blow and the material accompanying the game itself. The minimum diameter capacity of a golfing ball is 42.67 mm and its mass must not exceed 45.93 g (wheels for golf bag). The modern golfing balls have a surface usually characterized by 300-450 dimples designed to improve the aerodynamics.

The method of construction and the material significantly affect the distance the ball will travel, and in trajectory in spin (or rotation). Harder materials, such as Surlyn, guarantee greater distances, while softer shell, such as urethane, generate more spin and consequently a greater impact force, which is necessary to stop a ball close to landing point.

In addition, there are procedures to follow to avoid penalties or simply abused by certain situations. That's why it required an examination of rules, to be supported at one of clubs recognized by the Federation. During the course of official competitions, more than real referees there are observers. Each competitor is expected to practice self-control. In case of disputes we appeal to a special committee, whose main purpose is to let players know what they expect the rules in this case.

A new kind of sticks, called "hybrid", combine the precision of irons and the ease of performing the shot of woods with more loft. The wedges are irons with a loft (angle between the face and the barrel, or shaft) is particularly high, used to play shots as short and precise. They can also be used demanding positions, as in bunkers or in approaches (or revenue in green).

The putters are clubs with a loft almost nil, useful to keep the ball low and to roll it on the green. Furthermore all the sticks are marked by a precise symbol or a number. The tee is a plastic or wooden wedge shaped sticking in ground and on which rests a ball, to ease the blow and minimize the risk of error. The use of tee is limited to first shot (tee shot) of each hole.

The length of tee depends on the stick that you want to use and professional habits: sticks with face very large tee require longer, while sticks with face less extensive loft or greater require tee very short. Alternatively to tee you can use a small pile of sand to lift the ball, practice very rare and tied to tradition, when the wooden tee were not yet used.

Usually the sticks are transported in a golfing bag. Originally in skin, are constructed mainly of nylon and have a cylindrical shape. The bags have several pockets designed to hold both the equipment needed to play both the personal effects of player. The bags can be carried on the shoulders, loaded onto carts or golfing cart. The bags to shoulder have the characteristic of having two retractable media which maintain it in raised portion when it is resting on the ground.

Golfing carts are motorized vehicles used to transport the players and the equipment during a round of golfing. They are equipped with electric motor, quieter in field and easier to manage. A pitch fork is a fork-shaped object with two prongs used to lift the pitchmark (the sign of ball left his landing in green).

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