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Knowing More About Entrepreneurial Addiction

By Misty Tyler

People can be addicted to almost anything whether it would be drinking, smoking, exercising, or even something like opening up a business. Now the addiction to starting up businesses would be known as entrepreneurial addiction and is actually something that is very harmful. There are actually studies that would prove that this condition is real and there are symptoms attached to it.

Actually, this is quite a condition wherein one can get addicted to the process of opening up a business and just that. Now the reason as to why this would have a negative effect on people is because opening up a business itself can already take quite a toll. So one can just imagine what would happen if a person would just keep on opening up new businesses.

Now one who would have this sort of condition would actually have a lot of businesses in his career. The only problem with this is that all of his businesses are actually left alone halfway. Now these people are actually not in business to make money but they would actually just like the rush of opening up a business and would love to see their ideas take on a physical form.

Now these type of people would often suffer from something that is known as work anxiety. They are often known to exhibit very anxious behavior and would not think about anything except work. Of course they would naturally ignore other parts of their life like their health and maybe even their relationships.

Another symptom that most people who are experiencing this type of thing would be the fact that they would start out projects but never finish them. These type of entrepreneurs have a sickness wherein they would launch a lot of brilliant new ideas and would definitely find a way to make them come to life. However, they would always leave their projects halfway in order to pursue a new one.

Now they would also have some problems when the businesses they make would have birthing pains. Now the problem with these people is that they would actually have the temperament of an artist because they are actually innovators. So if they would see any imperfections that would come out while they are doing business, they actually have the tendency to throw a fit or a tantrum.

Of course one of the worst symptoms of this condition would be their money handling skills. This means they can just keep on injecting money into putting up a new business because they want nothing more than to see all their ideas take form. Now they do not care even if they are suffering from financial struggles as long as they can feel the rush of opening up their business.

So by looking at the symptoms of this condition, one can actually see just how dangerous this can be for any businessman. Yes they are known to be extremely great and impressive innovators but they cannot be businessmen. They have the tendency to go extreme and to mismanage the business that they have started because of this condition that they have.

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