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Learn About Racehorse Partnerships Online

By Stacey Burt

Owing a race horse is one of the thrills of life relatively few people know. The 'sport of kings' can be hands-on or purely a spectator sport. For those who want the excitement without the often heavy cost, racehorse partnerships can be the answer.

Owning a share of a horse gives an individual all the rights and privileges of sole ownership, with only a fraction of the responsibilities. Training fees, daily costs for feed and bedding, and expenses for grooms, farriers, and vets are all shared. So are expenses directly associated with racing, like jockey fees and entry fees.

As an owner, an individual can visit the backstretch, or stable area, which is off limits to all but licensed personnel. The barn area is fun to see, all bustle and hurry during the morning exercise hours and perfect peace in the afternoons. Horses are either taken to the track by an exercise rider or a jockey or walked by hand around the shed-row or on a mechanical walking machine. Grooms clean the stalls, brush the horses, and wrap their legs with bandages. Trainers oversee everything and spend hours reading the racing form, checking out the competition and selecting races for their charges.

There is also free admission to all parts of the clubhouse and grandstand, even the elevated area where trainers stand to watch their horses run. Then, of course, there's the 'holy sanctum' of the paddock and the ultimate thrill - being in the win picture - all special privileges open to owners. A win picture says it all to those in the know.

There are opportunities to join a partnership online. Thoroughbreds, standardbreds, and quarterhorses are all open to this form of ownership. Some of the top stables in the sport offer well-bred, fast horses to qualified people. One advantage to online opportunities is that the horses offered are already racing and in many cases have proved their ability to win and earn money.

Of course, going into this with an eye to making money is as risky as any investment on earth. Most winnings - if any - are taken up by expenses. The main rewards are being on the inside of a great sport, sharing the thrill of victory, and getting all the bragging rights that owning a racehorse affords. Investors who want monetary gains might want to have many shares in different animals, to minimize the risk of injury or loss.

A written agreement is truly necessary in this arena, to cover eventualities like failure to pay, wanting to sell out, or distributing insurance pay-outs. Problems arise usually because responsibilities are not spelled out for all parties. Trustworthy partners are important, since problems lessen the fun - which is the main point of the whole thing, after all.

There is a lot of information available about both the sporting side and the legalities of horseracing partnerships. This is an exciting way to have a lot of fun, if everything is correctly structures and operated.

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