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Canoe Harpeth River And Other Fun Activities

By Leslie Ball

Do you desire to spend time in water away from swimming pools and bathtubs? This vacation head to Harpeth River Park and enjoy water games and many more activities. This is a park that is centered along the Harpeth River and sits on the western side of Hennessey city. It is popular for it canoe Harpeth River paddling access where you are allowed into the water. Narrows of Harpeth and Harris Street Bridge Canoe Access are the most popular canoe put-ins and are usually full of water enthusiasts during the summer season.

Despite the close proximity of the put-in points and take-out points, there is a whole stretch of seven miles where one can enjoy the curves of particular rivers towards the western side of the great highland rim facing Tennessee City. On the eastern side, there is the Bell Bend that spreads a whooping five miles down the ox-boy lake. You can try any of these fun activities.

Boating and kayaking are the most favorite activities undertaken by visitors in the park. In fact, it is a great way to unwind a hot summer afternoon. There are no gate charges into the park. You will find crowds of canoeing enthusiasts paddling way the afternoon. You can carry your equipment or rent one at the park at affordable rates.

Fishing is also a favorite past time activity with visitors. The long stretch of this river offers a wide area to engage in such fishing activities as fly-fishing, casting the spin. You can also try your hand with the Stone Age fishing harpoon. You can boat and fish at the same time. There is a variety of game fish species as catfish, bluegill, mouth brass, among others.

If you are looking for a less crowded serene environment where you can exercise your muscles, Harpeth trails are here for you. There a variety of easy, to hard trails that meanders through lush forests, majestic bluffs and wildflower. All the trails originate from a common origin at the Narrows of Harpeth that is located at the entrance to the park. You will get a panoramic view of the Harpeth valley while enjoying cool, fresh air.

There is a hidden lake located a mile from the entrance along the easy one-mile long trail. The ox bow lake is surrounded by lush sprouts of wildflower. One of its elongated curves is about a half a mile and at the edges sits ruins of a 1940 resort with the marble dance floor still intact.

Bird watching is also a lovely activity that you can engage in at Harpeth River Park. In the lush trees are Blue and green herons, Belted kingfishers and Warblers. Down the two mile trail stretch, you will find the Field sparrow and American Goldfinch.

If you would like to view more birds easily, pay the park a visit during mid-summer. Flowers are all over and birds would be enjoying their share of the nectar or worms. Wear your hiking gear and get ready to meet several birds along the trail.

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