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How To Select The Best Tour Operator For Your Tanzania Safari

By Leslie Ball

Tanzania boats a large number of spectacular tourist attractions. From the highest mountain point of Kilimanjaro, plains of Serengeti, the Ngorongoro caldera to the beautiful sandy beaches of Zanzibar, you are poised to have an experience of a lifetime. However, for you to achieve the most out of your Tanzania safari, planning is a crucial element. You have to get everything right from the start. One of the critical components of this safari is the tour company you choose.

You might be wondering about the best time to travel. This country is too close to the equator and thus does not experience a summer and winter. Instead, seasons are divided into rainy and dry seasons. The most popular months for a safari are January to March and the high seasons of June and November.

One of the first things you need to check is your travelling visa. Travelers to this country are required to be in possession of a valid visa. These can be requested at any Tanzania embassy or consulate abroad. Make a point of informing yourself from official websites about visa requirements for your nationality. However, single entry visas can be obtained upon arrival at access point such as Dares salaam, Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar airports as well as Namanga entry point.

There are also health concerns and vaccinations that you need to consider. In addition to your primary Tetanus, Polio, Diphtheria and whooping cough vaccinations, you should get vaccinated against Typhoid and Hepatitis B. Remember that you might be asked to present a yellow fever vaccination card upon arrival. Make sure you consult your doctor about vaccinations and components of your first aid box, including anti malaria treatment.

After locating at least three service providers, make a point of going through their safari packages on their website. The presence of many tour companies means that they provide a wide range of services. If you are thinking of a budget trip, then a company that is experienced in providing camping safari will be the most ideal choice. You can also check if they cover the whole circuit you are thinking of.

Irrespective of the approach used in locating tour companies, it is important that you check their suitability for your expeditions. If you have made up your mind on places you want to visit, ask them to draft an itinerary. While most companies have already drafted itineraries, the right service provider should be able to customize it to suit your travel needs. Compare itineraries of at least three companies so you are able to know which one is more reasonable.

Before you agree to pay any sum, ensure you are well informed about the package, the registration status and reputation of the company in the industry. A number of operators will ask for a percentage of the total amount upfront to cover bookings and hotel reservation and the remainder paid upon arrival, but there are those who will request full payment before landing. Ensure you are paying to a registered business bank account and not a personal account.

A Tanzanian Safari can be your most thrilling and experience in life. However, the success of this travel will be dictated by how well you plan for it. Consider educating yourself on the requirements for the expedition, the best time to visit and qualities that constitute the right tour operator.

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