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Orlando Airport To Port Canaveral Shuttle Services

By Leslie Ball

The short distance from Orlando international airport to port Canaveral is about forty five minutes drive by road. There are various means of road travel that you may choose from. These include vans minibuses mini vans limos sedans and buses. If you are traveling to Canaveral for its boating, fishing, campsites cruising or restaurant experience, transfer from Orlando airport to port Canaveral shuttle services are available.

There are two distinct shuttle services that may ferry you to the port of Canaveral from the Orlando international airport. These are the cruise line shuttles and the out of town shuttles. Both this are charged differently and offer some differing services. These are services such as affordability, reliability safety convenient safety and comfort. Their charges are dependent on these services.

A critical factor to consider is the prices that are offered by the shuttle services firms. The charges are made based on whether you hire a cruise line shuttles or an out of town service. These two services offer varying charges based on the services that they offer. The more and better the services the more expensive it is charged.

The cruise line ones ones usually more costly to use than the out of town shuttle services. Some companies offer free transfer for passengers who have chosen their company for both the flight and the cruise. Cruise line shuttles charge for transfers if you have booked for cruise only. They offer luggage transfer separately to you cruise ship station at the port of Canaveral. Prior booking and confirmation of your seat to the bus is very important.

The other Orlando international airport to port Canaveral shuttle transfer service is the their case it's a requirement that you make reservation or books the shuttles earlier. This enables the driver of the shuttle to pick you up at the specified zone on time. They charge per head whether children or adults. However the more you are the fairer the prices become.

These vehicles are navigated by chauffeurs. It is important that they be licensed by the state of Florida. Experience and proper record for their job is important. They must be law abiding citizens with good conduct. The drivers should also appear presentable in their work uniforms. They should carry themselves professionally during their work.

Insurance for both you and your luggage should be guaranteed. A good shuttle transfer service company must have policies that cover both the traveler and his luggage. These covers ensures that in case of incidents or accidents you can always make claim for compensation. Lost luggage can also be claimed if they were in the company's possession.

The final thing you may find in the Orlando airport heading to port Canaveral shuttle transfer vehicles is comfort and luxury. They make your journey memorable and enjoyable. It may be about having greater leg space or carrying more luggage. You will also find well equipped sound and audio systems, video systems and internet connectivity are some of the feel good services.

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