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Advice For Training For Kilimanjaro

By Shawn Hunter

It is not easy to ascend any big mountain. The whole affair is quite daunting because it involves a good deal of stamina. To succeed, a good deal of physical preparations is required. Training for Kilimanjaro will involve a number of aspects. This mountain is famed worldwide for the challenges it gives to climbers. It is quite steep and it peaks thousands of feet above. There are many ways to get prepared. One can train in the outdoors. Joining a local gym is also an option. Combing both alternatives produces the best outcomes.

Training needs to start at least two months before the day of the ascent. The hardest and longest workouts should take place, two to four weeks before the material day. There also needs to be time for resting so that to give the body time to recover. One should sleep for at least 8 hours. Also, one should not exercise during the weekends.

During the course of exercising, a person should wear the exact boots that will be used to ascend this mountain so that the feet get used to the boots subsequently preventing blisters during climbing adventure. It is also advisable to wear the backpack that will be used during the expedition. This will prepare the shoulders, back and hips for the climb.

Hiking is definitely the type of exercise that will better prepare someone to ascend Mount Kilimanjaro. Mountaineering is simply hiking. Therefore, it will be good if someone can carry out day hikes in nearby hills and mountains. Hiking can also be carried out in any steep trails. For those who do have access to outdoors that can facilitate hiking, the alternative is to join a gym and to subsequently train using stair master machine. This equipment will offer good challenge to the body just like the kind that will be offered by the outdoors.

On top of hiking, running and walking will get the legs properly prepared for the bid day. It is important to remember that the part of the body that will be used most during climbing is legs. Therefore, it needs to be sufficiently prepared using the right exercises. One should try to walk as much as he can. In addition, instead of using a lift in a building, one should simply take the stairs. These simple measures will get the body ready.

High altitude training is the best. Mount Kilimanjaro has a high altitude therefore; there is need for an exercising environment that will simulate the conditions of this mountain. In such a setting, a person's body will learn how to cope with oxygen shortages.

The cardiovascular system plays an important role when climbing. This system will be strengthened by cardiovascular exercises. Exercises that are mildly intensive such as walking and cycling are highly recommended. Intensive exercises such as weight lifting will help in building stamina that is required to ascend a mountain.

General body fitness is needed so that a person can be able to engage in mountaineering. Therefore, different types of exercises will be helpful. A fit person will not get tired quickly, will efficiently use oxygen and will push himself to reach the peak.

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