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Tips On Horse Riding Lessons

By Shawn Hunter

Each and every person has some sport or event that he/she likes most to do for a pastime. If you love horses therefore, horse riding is for you. It is a rewarding and interesting sport that anybody at whatever age can enjoy all the time. However, this game is not as famous as other games which are well and commonly known by everybody therefore to be an expert you need to undergo some horse riding lessons.

Riding horses is exhilarating and will definitely challenge you both physically and mentally. In this case, a good horse rider therefore needs to spend a lifetime learning how to improve their riding all along. People have been riding horses all since time memorial and just like any other game it has its own rules. The techniques may be much detailed or sophisticated but that should not worry you.

To start with, a good relationship is necessary between you and the horse. The certain horse directly takes instructions from the rider, therefore you being the rider will need to establish a good relationship with this horse. This will be of great help in giving instructions to a horse while riding. Establishing the relationship may be a bit difficult at the beginning but with time it improves. Following instructions is also key to learning faster.

Personal safety Is key and should be your priority concern before you start to ride. This involves putting on long pants that are comfortable, well fitting sturdy shoes with minimal heel and a riding helmet that perfectly fits your head. All this put together is referred to as a horse riding gear. Short pants should be avoided since your exposed part of the leg will be rubbed by the horse during its movements.

Once you are assured of your safety, mounting the animal is the next thing. You should approach the particular horse from the side, slowly, but making it aware of your presence. The left side of the animal is usually preferred as it is considered the near side. You should then climb unto the animal by putting your left, in this case your foot in the stirrup and holding the saddle with your hands. Swing your right leg over the animal and ensure you land gently.

Once seated comfortably at the back, 'chair seating' which involves straight forward look and having straight angled positioning of your back and shoulders is encouraged. Tight grip to the reins of the horse is also essential with the thumbs of your hand facing up and be ready for the ride. To start the ride, gently squeeze the particular horse using your thighs and shout 'walk'. As this horse moves, move along with its rhythm.

To turn the horse to different directions, press your left calf into this horse to turn right; your right calf to the left. Make the animal slow down by smoothly squeezing your thighs on the horse and shouting 'whoa' and by pulling back on reins, this horse will stop.

Lastly, you dismount off the animal by taking your feet out of the stirrups and swing right leg over this horse. Make sure to bend knees as you land to soften the impact. Above guidelines will help you make a good horse rider.

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