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Learn The Kinds Of Halibut Jigs To Make Fishing Easier And Enjoyable

By Ruthie Livingston

Halibut is one of the biggest fishes you can find in the sea. It can grow up to 8 feet long and weighing up to 700 pounds. This is why thousands of people travel far and long just to catch it. Catching this enormous sea creature has never been easy because of its large size. However, the reward is sweet when you catch one because there is no better eating fish than this. It has a sweet flavor and ultra low fat content that is why many regarded it as an ultra healthy.

The best time to catch this huge sea creature usually starts in May and ends in September. Ready your fishing vessel and your gears because you can catch as many as you can. One of the gears that you should never forget when in fishing is the Halibut jigs.

Catching it can test your ability in fishing. It is such a fun and rewarding experience. So before you decide to embark on the yacht, always put game face on.

A hook is attached to the lead sinker. The body is covered with a soft material to attract fish. This small device is designed to be suitable for seawater or freshwater. It is custom made to achieve a jerking, vertical motion. However, its design is more durable than ordinary jigs.

You can use different kind of lark techniques, depending on the type of halibut you plan on catching. A number of fishermen prefer the Pacific halibut. If you want it, you better know the type of larks you need to use. Read on to get to know the three of the many types of larks you can use to seize it.

The lead headed jig with single tail rubber grubs. It is more effective to use when the rubber grub is attached hooked up to a 1.5 pound lead headed lark. It is important to soak the decoy, be it a fish, octopus or squid, in a fish oil so that it would be easy to attract one in the area. You should be vigilant because it can savagely attack the decoy, but spit it the instant it recognized that it is fake.

The stick or butterfly lark. This specie of fish has been known to viciously attack the butterfly lark with great force. Just like the technique in the lead headed ruse, the fisherman needs to quickly jerk the lure up and down to attract pacific halibuts. However, this type of technique is more productive in shallow waters.

The mudraker jig. This type of jig can be used in bottom fishing. What is great about it is that it can submerge completely into the water despite tough tides. This is jig is plastered with chrome. It has a scent that easily attracts potential catch.

It feels so good and rewarding to catch a huge fish. Most fishermen take pride in catching one because it serves as their trophy. If ever you are interested, talk to people with more knowledge or be a member of a club in your area.

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