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United Yacht Transport: Important Boating Terms To Know

By Susan Andrews

Anyone who has experience with driving and operating boats can tell you that there is ample responsibility to uphold. Anyone who has been involved in this field can tell you the same, so it would make sense for a learning experience to be gained. One of the best ways to learn - and United Yacht Transport can say the same - is by recognizing the most useful terms in boating. In fact, here are only a few that you should be mindful of.

Wake - When a vehicle passes by in the water, either for boat shipping purposes or what have you, it's easy to see that it will create a wave of a certain size. This is what's defined as a wake, which moves at a relative pace before becoming smaller over the course of time. Without question, this is a common attribute of boating and it's a term that not many people will immediately bring up. In any event, you should know what a wake is, as it relates to boating.

Capsize - When a boat tips over, regardless of what the condition might have been, it has capsized. Of course, the fix to this might be relatively simple. For example, those who have operated sailboats for years can tell you that it's just a matter of pushing the boat back over so that it may float once more. It's another great term that boating enthusiasts should be aware of, and the fact that it may help you save your belongings cannot be overlooked.

Galley - This is one of the more common rooms that is seen across yachts, charters, and other luxurious boats. A galley is often defined as the kitchen area of this vehicle, and it is responsible for the creation of different meals to be presented to guests. Authorities like United Yacht Transport can tell you that a galley is especially important for trips which go for several days at a time. Without question, this particular area is nothing short of essential.

Stern - It's also important to know specific parts of the most basic boats. For those who do not know, the stern is the back of the vehicle in question, which is where you may be able to see the engine, a component that will require routine maintenance to operate well. I believe that this term is worth going over because, no matter how experienced you might be at sea, the basic vernacular is required for communication purposes. Failure to receive a grasp on this can lead to difficulty in this sense.

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