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Knowing More About Antarctic Cruises From Ushuaia

By Daphne Bowen

People these days would want to go for both an adventure filled vacation as well as relaxing one. Of course no one says that one cannot have his cake and eat it at the same time. In order for one to have a really exciting and adventurous journey along with a relaxing vacation, then one may actually go for one of those antarctic cruises from Ushuaia.

Of course before embarking on the cruise, it is good to first enjoy and relax in the beautiful town of Ushuaia. Now this town can be found in Argentina and is one of the most untouched towns in the entire country. It is known for its very quaint ambiance that would make one feel like he has traveled back into the past.

Now the big adventure will start with a small journey over to the harbor of Ushuaia which is the starting point of the cruise. There are a lot of cruise ships in the harbor that would be sailing all the way to the icy lands of Antarctica. Now some of the places that one may pass by would be South Orkney or the Shetland Islands.

Of course only small ships are now allowed to go into this land because of some regulations set by the tourism board because of accidents of big ships. So most ships would only house two hundred tourists at a time and would most likely not land anywhere in the continent. The ships will probably just go around the place to show people what the area looks like.

Of course if one is a first time traveler to this island, then he better not expect to see a lot of beautiful scenery. There are a lot of remote areas in the area that are made out of icebergs and ice structures. There are also a lot of ice caverns and ice caves that one may actually take picture of.

Now some of the cool things that people can see here would of course be the marine wildlife. One can see a lot of whales here that have adapted to the harsh conditions of this place with their tough skin. Of course one may also find a lot of seals and walruses swimming in the area as well.

Aside from that, one may also be able to find polar bears too which can only be found in snowy places. Of course there would also be a lot of species of penguins that can be found in this place. Now there would also be a lot of historical structures too like some uninhabited huts and igloos too.

So for those who would want to have a combination of adventure and relaxation, take this type of cruise is the cruise to take. Now this is great for those who would want to venture into the unknown. There are actually so many places to visit here in this little place known as antarctica.

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