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The Basics Of Bicycle Tune Up

By Daphne Bowen

The abilities and applications of bicycles are expanding and growing in complexity every day. The offer employment and means of transportation in most developing nations while in developed nations, they are used for recreation, fitness training, and in competitions. Regardless of the purpose for which they are used, proper bicycle tune up must be ensured if the machine has to function properly.

Riders can sustain serious injuries due to poorly maintained bikes. They can also cause injuries to others. Besides injuries, damage can be caused to property, which may cause one to incur huge costs in compensation for damages caused to others. Good maintenance does not only save time and money, but also adds durability to the bike itself and its components. The process of tuning up a bike is quite simple and straight forward for those who daring enough.

The job is manual in nature and some people do not like such jobs. In such a case, one should visit any of the many bike shops in Cincinnati, Ohio to have a good tune up. Charges by most Cincinnati bike shops are within reasonable limits and they are run by experts in this field. That implies that an effective job can be done within minutes. The rest of this writing is about some of the basic tips one can follow for a DIY project.

The first factor to be considered needs to be cleanliness. A well-cleaned bike is already maintained half-way. When buying cleaning products to use, one should choose ones that do not have effect on people, animals, and the environment. The market now has several biodegradable cleaners to choose from. As one cleans, the have to give more attention to cassettes, derailleurs, pedals, frames, brakes, chains, and chain rings.

Dismounting may be necessary for some parts during the cleaning process. This should be done carefully. Once properly cleaned, the dismounted components should be greased and then remounted correctly. Oil should not be used to lubricate dismounted components because it is not durable. Instead bicycle grease should be used always.

Another part to pay attention to is the brake system. When checking the brake system, one should press the brake levers while the rear wheel is spinning and observe how long it take for the wheels to stop rotating. An effective brake system should stop the wheels instantly. Next, the brake pads should be checked for uneven wearing and other damages. They must be replaced if they got used up.

One must also check how effective the drivetrain is. The force produced by the rider on the pedals is usually transmitted to the rear wheel by the drivetrain. That makes it a crucial part of the machine. One should check it for loose parts. One the other hand, wheels should be investigated for misalignment and efficiency when rotated.

Finally, to ensure that no mistakes were made, one should do a test ride. The job cannot be complete the test ride. Some problems may be discovered as one test-rides and if that happens, then they must be fixed before taking the bike out.

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