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The Popular Applications Of Military Radio Antenna

By Daphne Bowen

For more than a decade, the US military forces have been fighting the terrorists. The world is dealing the threat of terrorism, even before the bombing of the New York World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Now, another group of savages has taken the world by storm, the Islamic State of Iran and Syria or ISIS. The group has seized all parts of Syria and Iran, as well as its residents. You are wide reports of killings, and raping of women and children in the Iran and Syria. Now, the Syrian and Iranian people have been living in fear ever since the terrorists have captured their country.

The US war against terrorism has been supported by over 60 countries. Modern firearms, ammunitions, and tools have been employed to track and destroy the group. Military radio antenna had been utilized to make communication effective and possible.

We are all familiar with what the antenna device is. We know that this tool is used in effective communication by converting electrical signals to radio waves. That is why it had been used by the military for a number of decades. Get to know the different pertinence of antenna.

Radar. The word radar is just an acronym for Radio Detection And Ranging. Radar used to detect any object within the given range. It can detect the range, velocity, and angle of the object that is why this tool is mostly used in airplanes, space crafts, ships, missiles, and jets. It detects by sending radio wavelengths, so that it will reflect on the object in the path.

Satellite Antenna or SATCOM. SATCOM is used in broadcasting, space probe communication, naval purposes, and weather research usage. It relays and boosts the telecommunication signals. The signals are reflected back to Earth. It can cover wider areas and farther distances. There are four forms of SATCOM, the horn, parabolic, phased array, and helica.

Communication receivers. These are commonly used for military purposes because of its high stability and reliable performance level. Operations can benefit much from this device because of its effective transmitting abilities.

Two way radio. The most common device used by the soldiers to communicate with each other. They are like the walkie talkies. It has a push to talk button. However, the two persons communicating cannot talk to each other at the same time. When a person is still talking, the other one listens. He can only talk if the other one is finished.

Bluetooth enabled equipments. Before the dawn of the Bluetooth, you can only connect and sent data and information to one computer at a time. Since the technology has become more advanced, synchronizing several equipments together is possible with the Bluetooth technology. It is also used for bridging, and transferring data within a short range.

Cellular phones. Apple, LG, Samsung, and Nokia are the most famous producers of cellular phones today. Almost all people own a cell phone. This type of device allows you to reach and keep in touch with people who are far away. It also allows you to easily transmit important emails and text to your other comrades who are in other side of the world.

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