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5 Buying Tips For Grand Canyon Airplane Tours

By Paulette Neary

It is now spring and summer is right around the corner, which means that it's the perfect time to start planning a vacation. If you want this year to be extra special, then you will need a tour package that is like no other. For that, you don't need to look any further than Grand Canyon airplane tours from Las Vegas.

Here are a few tried and tested tips you can use to help plan the best trip possible.

#1 Book a Tour Online

Booking online is simple and convenient. You won't even need to leave your home to find the perfect tickets. Booking online doesn't just make things easier, but will also make your trip cheaper. You cut out any of the unnecessary booking fees that some agents add to ticket prices. Most importantly, when you pay with your credit card, you get all the benefits of booking online with a cheaper price, while also having peace of mind knowing that the tickets are locked in, and there will be no disappointment when you get to Vegas.

#2 Book Your Tour Well In Advance

Spring and summer mean that the Grand Canyon will be busy. So that you can be sure that you have your ticket at the best price, make sure that you book in advance. My recommendation is that you book at least two weeks in advance, or as soon as you have confirmed your hotel bookings. Never book too close to the day you want to fly. Ticket prices go up when you book closer to 48 hours of the flight schedule, so always plan in advance.

#3 Book a Window Seat

All seats on the plane provide good views, but the window seat offers the best viewing experience. Buying your tour early means you have a better opportunity of getting a window seat and the ultimate views on your flight.

#4 Choose a Landing Airplane Tour

Vegas flights are flyover-only, or landing. Landing is the better option, and I definitely recommend going with one of these tickets. This will really add to the package by giving you access to hiking routes and lookout points, souvenir shopping, the Skywalk, or even a landing helicopter that takes you to the bottom of the West Rim.

#5 South Rim Flights Are Available Too

When you fly from Las Vegas, you can head straight to the Grand Canyon South Rim. It takes only an hour to fly out there, which is much faster than the almost 6 hour bus tours that operate. There you can fly over in a plane, or add a helicopter flight. There's a longer helicopter tour at the South Rim which takes you to the North Rim, as well as out to the eastern boundary of the National Park. In this tour, you will be able to view over 75% of the National Park from the air. It is well worth the ticket price.


Hopefully, you can use this information to plan a fun and memorable airplane tour. Be sure to buy your tour early so you'll have the best selection in tour options and so you get the best price. You can visit my website if you want more specific information about the tours and if you have questions, you can use the online chat feature to talk to me. A tour of the Canyon is filled with beautiful sights and thrilling adventures, so start planning your trip now before vacation season is upon us.

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