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How Cycling Became The Supreme Advocacy Of Kona

By Lisa Edwards

Pacific Northwest lays the prominent company for bicycles. Dan Gerhard, as well as Jacob Heilbron, founded the company in 1988 and are still active now. They are cyclists which want to bring empowerment and freedom of utilizing bicycles. All of them are really thoughtful to adapt to every kind of customer by providing them custom categories and that includes the intended use, wheel size, and suspension.

Yearly, they both have been active of certain fundraisers and donations that continue to be implemented. Riding one regularly has its own benefits and some are what inspires Kona to having cycling advocacy and that is also its name. Therefore, let us take a trip on why we should take part of the advocacy too.

The best tool to travel is the first best advantage of having a bike. This existed to get rid of endless walks on the streets. If one still does not know how to ride this, remember that balancing is everything. Start with a three wheel bicycle first until an individual gets used to having only two wheels to move around. Consider also that no budget for gas and certain health benefits are what we can get with this so cars are not always the best idea.

To be able to sleep well is another great factor. Cycling for twenty to thirty minutes daily was conducted to insomniacs that were organized by Stanford University School of Medicine for research. Their time to sleep became longer after the procedure. In that case, having a good night sleep is just what we want.

Reduction of Stress. Stress is part of our common enemies. There was another study in New Economics Foundation that cyclists were reported to have lower stress levels compared to those with cars. If easing the stress is just what you need, time for a change and take a ride.

Younger Face. It was proven that this could make one look younger than their age. Using a bicycle actually makes an individual capable of skin protection against UV radiation. Signs of aging shall be reduced in the end if done all the time.

Charity Participant. Finding a way to help other people is a nice goal and a way to do that is by participating charities in racing. With the use of your ride and money, no one knows how many lives could you have helped. An individual needs to have the best time of his or her life during the race too by giving the full potential.

More luck in sex comes to those who use bicycle. Engaging in it improves the vascular health due to being active physically. Cornell University even stated that men who are active have an increase of sex drive and also have the appeal of a younger version of them. Now think about your love life and see if you have been doing well because one may need exercise.

Lastly, saving the planet is another perk. Everyone should know that one parking area for a car can accommodate twelve bikes. No pollution also happens with these. Now be a role model for everyone and teach them about what to get with biking. Take the example about the talked about bike company with their advocacy for benefits are for everyone, not only for you.

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