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What To Do At Costa Rica Beach Resorts

By Jennifer Fisher

Everyone loves taking time off of work, even if you are going to stay home. It is all the more enjoyable, though, if you have a vacation away from home planned. Costa Rica beach resorts provide you with a place to go where the temperature is never too hot or cold, and the pristine beaches and local culture are worth traveling for.

Costa Rica has a lot to offer people. It is located in Central America and has a very temperate climate, especially in the winter months, when the low temperature is still in the high 60s. Most months, the high is somewhere in the 80s, which makes this a fantastic destination anytime of year for people wanting to get away from it all.

You can make up a list of amenities you may desire in a resort vacation, and there is likely a place in Costa Rica that has all of them, and then some. At the top of a lot of lists is a swimming pool, for days when you do not want to deal with sand. While pretty much all hotels and resorts in the country have public pools, a few may offer smaller, private plunge pools in their larger rooms for guests that would like to cool off in the privacy of their room.

There are lounges and bars in every hotel, where you can order alcoholic or nonalcoholic beverages for those who do not like to drink. You can imbibe indoors in the air conditioning, or enjoy a cold one outside near the pool or even near the ocean if a bar or waiter is available.

When you are hungry, you will likely have multiple choices regarding where to eat. Many are located on the property and are owned by the resort or hotel. Some may serve food on a buffet so you can eat all you can, while others have traditional sit down service instead.

Since the beach is one of the biggest draws, a lot of activities you can experience during your stay center around the sand and surf. Many offer free chairs and towels to take with you while you sunbathe. A few luxurious ones may even offer private cabanas for individuals or families to spend time overlooking the water with some privacy. They may even bring food and drinks to these cabanas.

If you get tired of the beach or just want to try something new, there are plenty of excursions you can take into town to whet your appetite for adventure. Try a sightseeing tour to get a sense of the culture and history, or maybe a culinary tour to eat lots of local foods. You can also see the population of howler monkeys, which is a hit with kids. Even the exotic bird population is a huge attraction.

When you return from your beach day or excursions, you can look forward to a clean room. Most properties offer single rooms with a patio or balcony. Some give you the option of renting a villa which can sleep an entire family and may include a kitchen and other amenities that most regular hotel rooms would not.

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