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Reasons To Settle For Avila Beach As Your Holiday Destination

By Anna McDonald

No one can turn down the chance to go on a California beach vacation as it is a dream come true for most people. However, the trouble will be settling on one particular place to enjoy the vacation as there are so many magnificent beaches to choose from. You cannot go wrong if you choose an Avila beach holiday for a number of reasons enumerated below.

First of all it is one of the most beautiful beaches in the central coast of California. Its beauty can only be imagined as it is breathtaking. It also has a lot more to offer to any person planning to go for a vacation there, much more than anyone thought they wanted.

You will be spoiled for choice on what to do on it as you can opt to just lay there while getting your tan as it offers the perfect place to do all that. It is also a great place for you if you are an outgoing person who enjoys a lively nightlife. It is famed for its ability to offer its visitors a taste of both worlds.

You can get the chance to take part in fun activities while there like boating and also fishing as it is perfect for both activities. It also offers kayaking if you are the more adventurous type and would like to try something different. Your beach vacation in California would not be complete without getting engaged in surfing as it offers you the chance to surf all you want for fun and to hone your skills.

If you enjoy aquatic life then you can be able to take part in snorkeling which is one of the many activities you will be able to enjoy. If you do not want to get yourself wet on your holiday then you can opt to take part in biking, hiking and also golfing. The golfing courses that Avila offers are the best you will come across in the world.

In addition to all the great experiences above, you can still take part in wine tasting. This is an experience that you will love a lot especially if you are a wine lover who does not mind experiencing new flavors. This will be one of those experiences that you will not just give a pass.

If your vacation coincides with the beer festival held annually on 24th May then you can enjoy this great festival. It is the Californian version of the renowned Oktoberfest. This is something else that you cannot just pass up while enjoying your vacation in Avila.

You can also go out and look for striking art that can be found on display from local artists on the Avila promenade, you can marvel and enjoy their creativity or also buy some to keep as a souvenir. This is usually during the moths of April all the way through to September and you could also visit the fish and farmers market while there. These are some of the fun activities that you can enjoy while on vacation in Avila, the beach where you can enjoy a relaxing as well as rejuvenating holidays with friends and family.

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