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Crucial Information On Ridding Breeches

By Marissa Velazquez

It is intrinsic to every rider that if you really want to enjoy horseback riding you must get yourself the right equipments. When wearing the right clothing you will be in a position to effectively compete in specific shows, events or races. A good pair of riding breeches (britches) is one of the most essential to effective riding.

For the britches to be worn comfortably with long boots, they have to be fastened. Jodhpurs can comfortably be worn with long boots. However, they are commonly worn with Jodhpur boots or paddock boots along with chaps or gaiters.

As indicated earlier, there are four major types of breeches; knee-patch britches have a leather patch on the side of the knee and goes well with long boots. They can also be worn with half chaps or paddock boots, full seat britches has gripping material that runs throughout the breech and they offer the rider enhanced protection more as compared to knee-patch breech. Jodhpur britches end at the ankle with a short cuff. They are normally worn by children for casual riding and also for lessons. Jockey britches are usually lightweight and are designed purposely for racing.

If you are keen enough you will realize that most breeches are skin-tight and also made of a blend of materials. Spandex, leather and cotton are some of the most common materials used in the making of breeches. It is core for every rider to get a breech that is well fitting and of ideal material that suits individual needs. Riders should take note on learning about riding breeches so that they can be well informed during shopping.

In other cases, horse riding britches are designed to keep the riders worm especially during winter by providing thermal protection. They come in different sizes according to waist sizes. The measuring units are inches. They are also available in regular and long which connotes to in-seam length. Britches normally stretch but they do vertically thus can allow maneuverability lengthwise but they can be snug for small sizes because they do not stretch horizontally.

Comfortability and durability are very important in enhancing the experience of the rider. Good britches will all the time be able to hold tightly the saddle and importantly protect the skin of the rider. Britches come in many styles, colors, types and sizes. The activity of the rider, whether practicing or racing will determine the type of britches he or she will put on.

English riding activities are the ones that normally use britches but also many western riders wear and enjoy the good feel of riding britches. They prefer these britches rather than jeans that normally rub against your skin while horseback riding and this can be very uncomfortable.

Traditional riding breeches were worn by historic reenactors before the introduction of spandex. These historic britches were tight in the legs but stopped halfway down the calf and were flared around the thigh section. They had buckles mid-way-down the calf. Today, Velcro and zippers has replaced the laces and buckles. It is crucial for a rider to get himself or herself the right tool for the activity of the day, whether racing or practice or any other event.

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