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Guided Bonefishing Key West Florida

By Serena Price

Key West Florida is the last island that can be driven to in the keys. The city completely envelopes the island and is a favorite spot for bonefishing Key West. There is a barrier coral reef that protects the island from high tides and surf. There is fishing and guided fishing tours from this island on a year round basis.

The chartered fishing boats on this island can take you to the best fishing spots in the Keys. The local guides are the best source of information about where the fish are and how to catch them. The boats are busy most of the year because the various fish in this area run at different times of the year.

Bone fish are commonly called the ghost of the Keys because their coloring makes them difficult to see in the shallows of the flats where they can be regularly found. They are silver and the water and sand combined make them almost invisible. Some people look for the shadow they cast on the bottom to find them. This is a very popular sport fish because of the strong fight they give to the angler.

There are many different techniques used to catch these fish. They can be taken with fly fishing gear on the flats or with baited lines. These fish have an excellent sense of smell that leads them directly to any chum that may be put into the water. Chumming is a popular means of attracting the fish to the boats when fishing.

When fishing the flats anglers look for the tails causing ripples as they search the bottom for food. Fishing guides select a high perch on their boat to have a vantage point for seeing the fish and directing the casts being made by clients. When you hook one on the flats you need to raise the pole high to keep the fish out of the grass because they can throw the hook in there.

You find the largest of these fish in the deeper waters off shore. They can weigh as much as twelve pounds and according to local legend are much smarter that their smaller cousins back at the flats. They are said to be wise to the anglers traps and a lot harder to catch. This may be because they are a catch and release fish and they have seen it all.

Most of the guided fishing trips will supply your fishing license as well as water, rods, tackle and bait for your excursion. The outing may last up to eight hours on the water so most will tell you to bring food and appropriate clothing for the day. Most boats will only take two people at a time because of space issues. They will help you by teaching you how to best cast and where to cast your line in order to catch a fish.

There are many reasons to go bonefishing Key West Florida, not the least of which is that it is a great sport. There have been several writers and a president that found Key West Florida a very special place to live as well as visit. One president remarked that he would like to move the White House to Florida if he could get away with it.

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