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Development Of The Zara Phillips Clothing Range

By Marissa Velazquez

The Zara Phillips clothing range came about as a result of a collaboration between the Musto brand and this dedicated equestrian. Phillips is granddaughter to the Queen and has been riding since she was a young child. She has been extremely successful and won the Eventing World Championship in 2006 and a silver medal at the Olympics hosted in London in 2012.

Keith Musto, a British Olympic sailor, originally developed this brand, aiming for a product that could keep sailors warm and dry no matter what the weather conditions. Princess Ann was a keen sailor and so the family was familiar with this brand. Equestrian sport, like sailing, requires going out in all types of weather and it was not long before Musto was producing an equestrian range too.

As an ambassador for the Musto products, it was inevitable that Phillips would collaborate with the brand to produce an equestrian range. The logo of the range is ZP176. This was the team number she wore when representing Britain for the first time.

With all her practical experience in the field, she had a great contribution to make at every stage of production. In the design stage, freedom of movement was considered to be vital and innovations were made to ensure this. She tweaked a few things such as putting in a longer cut for the jackets so the back would not be exposed when riding in the elements. She also wanted garments to be as stylish as possible, regarding the cut as important. All items were thoroughly tested to ensure that they functioned flawlessly, despite the circumstances.

The range includes a number of jackets as well as a polo shirt and a gilet. These jackets are all about practicality in training rather than functioning at the forefront of fashion trends. The cuts are classically stylish and are perfectly acceptable for wearing in public without embarrassment. The collection even includes some caps.

The fabrics used for all of these items are technologically advanced, making them waterproof, breathable and windproof. The outer fabric has a water repellent finish, preventing rain from penetrating the garment. An inner lining forces moisture trapped inside through the garment and out, keeping the wearer warm and dry.

This range is available from a number of suppliers, most of which have online websites where photographs of items can be viewed. One can compare items with regards to design, color, features and prices. The right size must be selected and sizing guides are included to help with this.

The quirky features on these garments are all designed to add to their practicality, such as a hood that can be adjusted or removed, hand warmer pockets lined with micro fleece and adjustable studs. A vent at the back of the garment means that it sits well over the saddle and a double zipper in front with a pommel flap prevents bunching up.

The Zara Phillips clothing range offers quality, style and the ultimate in comfort. It combines the years of experience of the Musto brand with the years of practical experience Phillips has in the equestrian field. The garments are popular for the fact that style does not have to be sacrificed for comfort and their quality means that they can be worn for many years.

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