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Abcs Of Shopping In Lancaster

By Claudine Hodges

The development and orientation of expenses is carried toward the parking lot and onto street. Particularly widespread this form is today in United States, where rows of shops consists of single strip malls (shopping in Lancaster). In retail zones is a collection of several specialized markets closely adjacent land. The buildings are structurally no unity. The Lands / parking the stores are often separated from each other. But functionally they form a retail agglomeration.

The "classic" buying center pursues the operational concept of few anchor stores and many other retail, service and catering businesses that benefit from the attractiveness of magnetic enterprises indirectly. The magnetic structures in form of consumer or hypermarkets, department stores and large retail warehouses serve as a bringer frequency. They attract the customers in center.

The recorded in documentation centers at the surface lower limit, however, meet the quality function of buying center, so the "buying" from shortlist goods (eg clothing, shoes, household items, electrical and electronic goods such. Etc.). Often in international definitions, the lower limit of rentable area at 10,000 sqm are recognized. The Federal Administrative Court adopts a buying center in terms of Land Use Ordinance, when "a spatial concentration of retail stores of different types and sizes - usually in combination with various service industries - is present, which is either planned uniform or nevertheless grown in a manner other than.

The offered products are much cheaper than the high street. Most are goods from surplus production, goods of "last season", discontinued models or (slightly) defective goods. The brand names serve as a magnet for customers, the clothing industry is represented dominant in rule.

This mix of industries has been optimized and standardized for decades that he is not very different from each other in different centers and the offer of center is often interchangeable. The mix is usually only adjusted to purchasing power of target clientele in price level. Also important is the location of shops and eateries to each other in center, which is specifically controlled by the center management.

Today, with approximately 43,000 buying centers, which have a 55% share of total retail sales, the US is the country with the most and largest malls in world. Despite lower in Europe, however, has prevailed this form of retailing in context of trend towards car-friendly city here. This offers the consumer not only integrated parking spaces the advantage of high bandwidth often coordinated Stores (Sectors) and regardless of weather buying.

Typical components of UEC are multiplex cinemas, musical - theater, nightclub or theater in combination with fast food and adventure and themed restaurants and trade. Additional offers may be bowling, fitness, game room, casino or galleries and museums. The urban entertainment center can exist as a single location, but is usually attached to a buying center or structurally integrated into a center, in which case the Center an "entertainment zone" exists.

Classically, are malls by an operator or a consortium, built on the outskirts of urban areas or even on a greenfield site. Since the eighties increasingly buying centers are planned and built in inner cities. This trend has accelerated since at least the late nineties rapidly. For a number of years can be observed by an ever-increasing density of spatially close to each other located buying centers with simultaneous loss of purchasing power of consumers crowding-out. The possible consequences for retail are not yet in sight.

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