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Discover The Tours In St Thomas Virgin Islands

By Lucia Weeks

Taking a vacation is one thing that is perfect for your soul. It enables you to relax, refresh and adventure into new interesting worlds. When it is that time for holiday or group getaways and adventure, then Tours in St Thomas Virgin islands is where you definitely have to be. This place is an acclaimed natural beauty. Its beauty extends from up the hill tops, to the beaches, and even under the sea. You can take your time enjoying and learning about the immense flora and fauna present in this haven.

The locality is a haven for holiday tours and vacation activities. With over 22 hotels spread across the region and offering the best of services, this is a definite retreat area to look for. The area has over 350 vacation rentals and 190 restaurants. The vacation rentals are quite affordable with average rooms ranging at 100 dollars per night. There are also over 300 sites of attraction to select from here.

Whether you are moving to this island for a vacation, tour, retreat, honeymoon, wedding or any other purpose, there are various things to do here. With the many attraction sites present here, the activities to engage in are just but a few. Here are several locations and things to do while there.

1.Duty Free shopping. The locality is well recognized for its duty free shopping making it one of the best places to do shopping around the world. There is an amazing duty free allowance of 1600 dollars per person that is, children included. This makes it very worthwhile to spend a vacation in the region moving from shop to shop for some shopping.

2.Undersea observatory. You do not have to be a swimmer to experience the stunning marine life on this island sea. All you have to do is to walk in to this observatory center and get a glimpse of the marine life from underground. There are also shark pools here where you can take a picture with the dangerous mammal. Also swim and relax while having your best meal on restaurants present.

3.The bay beach. This is one of the attractions that you definitely cannot miss. Several activities such as swimming, sun bathing, kayaking, boating, surfing and even hiking are present here. This is a place beyond doubt worth your money.

4.The mountain top. Need to experience the panoramic view of the island from a high ground? Then get to the mountain top. Standing at height of 1500 feet above sea level, the location offers a sporadic view of generally around 20 islands. This makes it one among the best views in the world. There is also a shopping area here and a bar.

These are some of the places and activities that you can actively engage in during your stay in this locality. Taxis and tour cabs are readily available to move across the place. You can also opt for a helicopter ride to view the scenery from the sky. Boats for sea sail are also available for Tours in the island waters.

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