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Guide To Making Your Bear Tours Fun And Hassle Free

By Claudine Hodges

When we talk about hanging out with our family, we start thinking about those fun and memorable things we can do outside. There is something good about being away from home and enjoying a good activity with the people close to you. Some wants to be closer to nature would go out for early morning hiking or camping. Others will go for the more adventurous deep sea diving.

If you are done with camping, diving and touring around the top caves and museums in your area, then do not fret. You still have several options left. Among these is the popular bear watching event. If you have been to Alaska, you must have heard about the Juneau bear tours catering the demand of those people who want to enjoy the activity.

If you have not yet experienced this activity, then you may consider it as part of your next stops. However, unlike your previous outdoor escapades, this may need more caution on your part considering that we are dealing with wild animals that are capable of injuring you. Below are some tips for you to think about in order to make sure you have fun viewing these huge animals on your next trip.

One, wear something appropriate. Different types of clothing are designed for specific activities. You do not go and watch bears while wearing cocktails. Nor do you go out and take their photos while on a three inch heels. Be sure to inquire about the geography of the place ahead of time and wear something fit for the environment. If you are expecting muds and watery grounds, then slippers might not be your best option for a foot wear.

Second, place your foods somewhere safe. Do not just leave those snacks unattended on the driver or passenger seat. There is no guarantee that they will be safe from animal theft even if you lock the car windows. Keep in mind that bears have a strong sense of smell and are physically capable of breaking those glass windows. The best place to store your foods when you leave your vehicle is the trunk.

Do not approach them. No matter how kind they look or how you badly want to touch their soft looking fur, you should never ever approach them. As mentioned, they are sensitive and intelligent. If they become too accustomed to human presence, they might come straight to you next time. If you feed them, they will eventually come looking for food from you.

Fourth, do not run when you see a bear. It is natural to feel afraid once you see one walking at your direction. More scary if it is looking straight at you. Your first instinct would be to run. However, if you want to be safe, it is best if you do not. Avoid eye contact to the animal as well. Just raise your hand, wave it and slowly back away. No running. Otherwise, you will be chased.

Five, pack with you a bear spray. This works just like the pepper spray to humans. Use this in extremely desperate scenarios and not randomly. Besides, these materials may not be permitted by some commercial planes.

Do not let unpreparedness ruin the fun of your activity. Get your backpack and start putting in the things that you will need. Make a list if you have to. Do not hesitate to ask the help of a family member. If you forgot something, it is better to have a second eye to check it.

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