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How To Establish Your Bed And Breakfast Inn

By Claudine Hodges

If you want a simple business that you want to start, then you might want to find those that are close to your home. One of the many options that you can choose from is the Stone Ridge bed and breakfast business. It is one of the popular businesses that cater to those tourists who do not want to stay at hotels.

You can surely earn a steady source of money if you start up this type of business. After all, you can cater to a lot of guests if you do this. Of course, this is only a possible business for you if you have some extra rooms and spaces within your own home. You can offer these extra rooms and spaces to the guests then.

Starting up this kind of business is actually not that difficult, especially if you are the type of person who is good at customer service. If you like taking care of other people, then this is the right business to get into. When you are starting up this kind of business, then here are the right tips that you should take into account.

First, make certain that you offer them the right room. The room should be as comfortable to the guests as possible. To make this room a comfortable place for your guests, you have to decorate it well and equip it with beds, pillows, blankets, and other stuff a bedroom should have.

Get an idea on the ambiance of the place and what it should look like. The best way to have this idea is to try and stay in an inn personally before you start up this venture. If you do that, you can feel what the guests will feel when they stay in such an inn. Your experience can then be incorporated in your venture.

Pick the right furniture as well. The rooms should not only have a bed, after all. You have to find a bedside table, wardrobe, lamp, chairs, television, and DVD players. These must be coordinated properly so that you can give the best impression to the ones staying in the said room. Choose a timeless design scheme then.

Think about what meals you will offer to the guests. As a B&B business, you have to cook the meals for the guests, especially their first meal of the day. Make sure that you fulfill the dietary requirements the guests have. Thus, it will be helpful for you if you learn how to cook before you start up your business or you find someone who can.

It is fine to give some extra services to your guests. If you go the extra mile for them like giving them an extra blanket when they ask for it, they will surely appreciate your efforts. Try to give in to the guests as much as you can, as long as you can still provide what they request of you.

Make their stay memorable. If they think of their stay in your business as a memorable one, they will surely come back to you when they come and visit the country again in the future. If not them, they will refer your B&B business to their friends, acquaintances, and other associates when they go to your place.

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