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Paying For Long Island Car Service Excess Insurance

By Claudine Hodges

There is a lot of competition within the car hire industry. Rental companies are being forced to reduce their prices by offering basic services. They have been forced to pass the liabilities to unsuspecting clients. It is possible for you to get yourself a Long Island car service insurance coverage that takes care of the damages you are exposed to.

Avoid paying for excess insurance at the point of sale. There are times when you end up paying twice as much as you would have paid for. The providers have been known to encourage their sales people to offer this option to their clients. Since you are usually tired from your flight, the pressure is counteractive.

The ethics involved in this are questionable but companies have been doing this for a long time it is no longer frowned upon. A lot of hotels and airports use this tactic to increase on their profits.

The excess applies in situations where the windows, tires or undercarriage suffer damage. You will also be charged an excess when the vehicle is stolen or vandalized. The charges involved are usually dependent on the provider you use.

Look at the packages on offer before you decide on the one that best suits you. Take time to research on your options so that you can get competitive options.

the providers get their clients to pay for excess coverage by making it seem like it is a mandatory service. As much as the service is a convenience it is not mandatory for you to get it. It is possible for you to pay for the insurance policy from other providers instead of the rental companies. Once you have run out of options then you can get the policy from the rental company.

Excess insurance is so competitive it has developed into an industry. It has been able to succeed because most of the rental companies no longer offer the option to their client as part of the package. Make sure that you have the insurance by the time you collect the rental vehicle. Getting a separate extra insurance will offer you a chance to enjoy competitive prices from both industries.

You can ask you agent and broker if it possible for you to take out the policy as you book for the vehicle. They have lower prices that the ones offered by rental companies but they are not as low as the ones offered by insurance companies.

When you visit the internet you will get a wealth of information on the topic. It is easier for you to shop for affordable policies once you know what you are looking for. There are people who decide to pay for excess insurance when collecting the rental vehicle despite the inflated prices.

The best alternative for you would be to separate the excess insurance from the car hire firm so as to get value for your money. It is possible for you to get a better deal for both from the agent or broker.

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